Leyburn | Saturday 7 December 2019

Walk Leader: Andy Miller
Participants: 16
Mileage: 21.5 miles
Ascent: 1,870 ft
Walk Register: Yes
Walk Report: Robert Cope

The prospect of good weather, a welcome representation from the north east (and our leader’s fine reputation of course) made for an excellent turnout of sixteen for Saturday’s Leyburn adventure. 

Our outbound and mainly south-east route took us to High Ellington via Hallwith, Ulshaw, East Witton and Ellingstring.  From High Ellington we looped anti-clockwise and close to Appletree House where we had our lunch stop.  

After lunch we headed north-west for Jervaulx Park (site of the remains of Jervaulx Abbey) via Hazel Lane, Ramshaw and Masham Bank.  Then all the way back to Ulshaw via Kilgram Lane, Kilgram Bridge, Thornton Steward and Danby Hall.

Our final leg from UIshaw broadly retraced our earlier outbound steps - and with the light beginning to fail we were pleased to make it home before the late afternoon drizzle turned into anything worse!

Although we stayed relatively low throughout the day, the going underfoot was quite challenging at times making for a “tough-enough” but thoroughly enjoyable day’s outing.  Thanks, as usual, to our leader!

Photos by Paul Ashman

Photos by Robert Cope