12th December - A White Horse Christmas

We finished the year as we started it, with a large lunch! A snowy walk over the fields to Boltby, then a climb onto Sutton Bank and a slithery return down the lanes to Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe where the Inn of the same name did us a fine Christmas lunch.

23rd October - The Whole of the Moor

Er, what can I say... a complete contrast to that August walk, wet, wild and windy. Very. But well led by Angela Queen stepping in for Christine Spencer. And we enjoyed ourselves (or most of us did!). To revisit the scenery we missed in the gloom, come on Roger's walk in January for a similar route in reverse, hopefully on a crisp, snowy day- Roger can you arrange that please?

18th September - Lyke Wake Walk

North Yorkshire group put on a very successful Lyke Wake Wake crossing on Saturday 18th September.  30 of us set out from Beacon Howes (Ravenscar) and 30 checked back in at Osmotherley!  Especially pleasing as there were several novices who'd never walked the distance, or in the dark.

We split into two groups, the slower group reaching Sheepwash at 10.30pm just inside 14 hours, the faster group were an hour ahead.  Darkness fell between Clay Bank and Lord Stones Cafe so we had about 2.5 hours in the dark.  The hardest section in the dark was between Carlton Bank  and Huthwaite, where we had to really concentrate on the path which had nasty ankle breaking culverts across it every few paces!

Credits are due to: Simon Leck who did much of the organising, the navigation and led the slower group on the day; Malcolm Reid who led the faster breakaway group and made an excellent job of it; Penny who produced the most amazing home-made food on a tight budget and was not fazed by catering for a vegan and a gluten-free diet.

We moved pretty fast always averaging 3 miles an hour but had fairly lengthy stops, which worked well, thanks to our marvellous support team who fed us royally and encouraged us all the way.  There was a great team spirit throughout the day and lots of laughs.

Penny produced a beer for everyone at the end, don't think a beer has ever tasted so good!;

One nice footnote is that the one casualty of the day (my merino wool sweater dropped on moor somewhere near Hamer) was found by a group of LWW'ers coming the other way so I got my best jumper back (you can all sleep easy now!). Thanks to everyone who took part - you all helped make it the great day it was.

14th August - Sandsend Stroll

A glorious walk through Mulgrave Woods to Ugthorpe where several of the walkers were temporarily impounded in the village pound! Then to Staithes for lunch, Runswick Bay for icecream and a scenic stroll along the Cleveland Way back to Sandsend.

8th May Boston - Spa Circular

Or 'How the other half live' as someone coined it! A relatively easy walk took us outward along the River Wharfe through several charming historic villages each with a church with a different tale to tell, and many fine houses and estates. We visited Newton Kyme, Clifford, Collingham, Stockeld Park, Wetherby and Thorp Arch.

24rd April - Moors Meander

The first hot day of the year saw 14 of us up and down dale from Newgate Bank. The first half of the walk contained most of the climbing and we stopped below Hawnby Hill for elevenses and in the woods above Arden Hall for lunch. An easier return leg below Peak Scar with a final sting in the tail to regain the Newgate Bank car park.

14th March - Darley Dash

Despite some early morning dashing around Darley as everyone struggled to find the right point to park, 10 walkers were finally coralled by Howard Crossley and set out on a lovely spring day for a fine walk in this popular area.

7th February - A Cow of A Walk

Kate Farrell led 11 of us on a walk which should be henceforward known as Girls Come Out on Top! The girls blazed a trail around a fabulous route taking in Blakey Topping (girls only), the boys went ahead with our rucksacks (amazingly chivalrous), Dalby Forest and Wykeham Forest with many an up and down. Thanks Kate for a really great walk, bang on the 18 advertised miles! Thanks also to everyone for providing Caroline with lunch since she'd forgotten her's - she might try that ruse again, your lunches were far tastier than her's ever are!