Christmas Walk & Lunch | Sunday 12 December 2021

Walk Leader: Robert Cope
Participants: 12
Mileage: 10 miles
Ascent: 1,050 ft
Walk Report: Robert Cope
Weather: Unseasonably warm but drizzly and misty for the most part

Our route from the car park took us north west alongside Fewston Reservoir before turning south west at Blubberhouses and onto the old Roman Road across Blubberhouses Moor.  Overnight rain made an already quite wet and muddy track even more so and the drizzle and descending mist had a somewhat eerie, Wuthering Heights feel about it.  

Our leader, overly keen to get back as quickly as possible for the Christmas lunch to follow, had to be reigned back at times and reminded that it was a social walk - sorry!  Still it would be plain sailing on the easterly return along the Harrogate Dales Way Link - or at least it would have been had it not been for a number of large pine trees, presumably blown over by recent storms Arwen and Barra and blocking our way.  Some decided to fight their way through, emerging on the other side covered in pine needles but smelling nice and fresh - whilst others risked the steep muddy bank to work their way around the fallen tree tops.  But such a shame to see so many fully uprooted mature pine trees in the dense woodland of Timble Ings.

We made it back in good time to get to the Millstones Restaurant where we were delighted to be joined by a number of old friends - some of whom we hadn't seen for nearly two years.  Our party, now comprising sixteen, certainly demonstrated in true Yorkshire fashion how to devour a substantial carvery meal - and a good time was had by all.  Everyone appreciated the opportunity to get together at last for this important event in our social calendar - and we were only sorry that some of our valued colleagues were unable to join us due to various seasonal ailments.  

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.