Not the Seaside | Saturday 28 August 2021

Walk Leader: Anton Neilson
Participants: 10
Mileage: 20 miles
Ascent: 2,994 ft
Walk Report: Andy Miller
Weather  Cold to start with but it soon warmed up and the heat was unbearable at times ,but we coped well under the circumstances.A shortage of drinking water became a problem later on in the day .
We met at our Start point where parking is of a premium but we all managed to squeeze in.It was good to see our regulars and some new members and members from other clubs .All were welcomed.
We set off along the road North and then took a FP over Pillimice Bridge and then continued on a stoney Track through an area called Skelton Moor  to reach Helwith Bridge. There is a tearoom here but it was too early for our stop .
We then took the Road/Track and an uphill climb to reach an area of rough ground and good paths called Hollin Brow all the way to Kexwith.
From Kexwith we took another Track S/W to take us on to Hurst Moor  passing Fair Seat Hill and our first break of the day .
After our break we then joined a long continuous Track  named Moresdale Road heading  west to reach The Shooters Hut where we had Lunch.
After Lunch we went due South down through Slei Gill  where in some places it was overgrown with Bracken but we made our way safely to reach the river crossing at Storthwaite Hall.There used to be a Foot bridge here but was washed away with Floods a few years ago.
After our river crossing we then took a Track all the way up to the top of Fremington Edge passing Cuckoo Hill where we then had a well deserved short break.
We walked on the Wallside Path heading east along Fremington Edge to reach a junction where we took the Track to Hurst .
From Hurst we took a Farm Track N/E to reach the road.After a short road section going S/E we took a FP to reach a Farmhouse called Pry,s House  where one of our members showed some initiative by asking the lady in the garden if she could give us some fresh drinking water. The lady then filled some of our group's water bottles which was just enough  to get us back to Marske.
From Pry,s House we went East again passing Helwith Bridge this time taking the Riverside Path all the way to Telfit Farm and then after crossing the PackHorse Bridge and passing Orgate Farm we took the track through Clint,s Wood to reach the FP through the churchyard of St Edward King and Martyr and a short road section back to our small car parking area.
Our Leader was at the top of his game today on a very difficult route over areas which had numerous Footpaths and Tracks all very similar.He was continually checking and double checking that we were on the Path/ Track that he wanted to be on.He also had the patience and experience because of the extreme heat most of the day to wait and encourage members who were struggling in the heat.
Another great group who stuck to the task and as usual Banter to a high standard.Sadly we never came across any Children,s play area as on the previous walk where a couple of unruly members enjoyed themselves on the Swings and Rocking Horse.I will endeavour to try and plan one into future walks.
A Top Day very tough at times with some serious climbs but our group passed the test with Flying colours. 
Autism Plus :
Once more thank you for the large donation for Autism Plus a local 
Yorkshire Charity .
Community Fridge:
Thank you for the donation of Toiletries for this Council run Charity who try their very best to reduce the amount of Food Waste.
Crab Apples:
The annual harvest bag of Crab Apples has been passed on. I await my jar of Crab Apple Jelly. 
Thank you for the donation to supplement our Raffles.
Lynn won a bottle of White Wine and Liyang won our box of Chocolates.Well done you both .
Next Walk: 11th Aug 2021       Living on the Veg    (Reeth)
A change of Route will be in place 
Arkengarthdale ,Windegg Edge,Seal Houses Moor,Whaw ,Healaugh Side ,Reeth .

Photos by 
Liyang Tang