Heroes and Villains | Saturday 14 August 2021

Walk Leader: Andy Miller
Participants: 7
Mileage: 21miles
Ascent: 2,639 ft
Walk Report: Andy Miller
Weather Dry and very warm at times (Muggy) occasionally a nice fresh breeze,a slight threat of Rain but we managed to keep dry all day.
As I entered Arncliffe I stopped and had a conversation with one of the locals who informed me it was Gala Day.
They have a Road Race and all sorts of Stalls.The same local informed me that there was some parking for about 6 cars on the small B road to the Church of St Oswald  which there was and another couple of places over the bridge.Please take note as Parking is of a premium in Arncliffe and a good place to start a walk.
We set off down the lane at the side of the pub and then took on a serious uphill climb on a well established FP which became more of a track on the top of Monks Road (Path) which took us all the way to Malham Tarn where we enjoyed our first break of the day.
After our Break we joined the PW at the Track side of Malham Tarn which took us to the Car Parking area.
We then took the FP/Track which took us to Lanscar Gate where we rejoined the P/BW which took us to the Wallside FP at the side of Attermire Scar where we spotted Jubilee Cave ,Victoria Cave,Attermire Cave.We then rejoined the P/BW (Dales HW) and then we had our lunch stop on the track below the entrance to Horseshoe Cave.
After Lunch we continued on the above named track to take the PW NE passing Nappa Cross (restored) to return to the Car park where by this time the Ice Cream Vendor was selling his Ice Cream and Drinks .
A few of the group purchased Ice Creams and we had another break in the Car park sitting on an assortment of large Limestone Rocks .
At this Point my original plan was to complete a Figure of Eight by taking the B road to Street Gate and then crossing Gordale Beck to join and take the path on Lee Gate High Mark all the way to Hawkswick Cote and then Rejoin the road to take us back to Arncliffe. As I decided we had more than our share of exercise for the day due to the intermittent muggy heat. I decided to retrace our route and take the shorter option back to Malham Tarn along Monks Road(Path) and a Steep downhill back to Arncliffe which then became a Figure of 9 and not a Figure of 8. We then had our customary cup of Coffee at The Falcon Inn and a discussion on the day's events.This was a tough day, but we all agreed it was a day which we were glad we all took part in.
Throughout our day terrific views were enjoyed of Pen Y Ghent and Ingleborough , Attermire Scar ,Little Banks and Great Scar not forgetting Malham Tarn and surrounding areas.
Another Top Group who as expected joined in the friendly banter and stuck to the task in hand Thank You
Sheila Won Our bottle of Wine and Anton won Box of Chocs well done you both.
Thank You for the large Donation of Books ,CD,s Videos , and Bric a Brac. It is because of your help that this Yorkshire Charity Shop stays open.

Photos by Sheila Robinson

Photos by Mark Pennington