Walk in the Clouds | Saturday 17 July 2021

Walk Leader: Anton Neilson
Participants: 6
Mileage: 16 miles
Ascent: 2,347 ft
Walk Report: Andy Miller
We set off from Appleby Station which was very clean and tidy  and crossed the railway bridge .We then crossed the A66 (Permissive Path) which wasn't too busy at this time in the morning.
We then joined the PW (track) to reach Black Hill and then another track to Shepherd,s Cottage and our first uphill of the day and then a well established FP to reach the quaint village of Murton where by this time the temperature was starting to rise .
We then headed Due North along a back lane and used a FP across some fields to reach Harbour Flatt where we had a short conversation with a friendly farmer who wished us well and hoped we would enjoy the rest of our day.
From Harbour Flatt we joined a track where we then arrived at the base of High Cup Nick where we had our first proper break .
After our extended break where we sat and took in the views and numerous pictures were taken we then kept to an intermittent path on the 
NE flank of Middletongue Crag . We then reached and crossed a wall stile where the path took us along the RHS side of High Cup Gill to then negotiate a large area of Limestone boulders and then our most serious climb of the day .
By this time the heat was intense and almost unbearable .Most of our group managed at a unhurried steady pace to reach the top of High Cup Nick .I was not one of them (Adam Ondra I am not) .A couple of us found the combination of the intense heat and the 1445 feet of High Cup Nick just a bit too much , But we got to the top with a series of stops and plenty encouragement from our fellow walkers. 
From the top of High Cup Nick we then joined the PW to take us west and after another relaxed break we reached Dufton .
I entered Dufton Methodist Church NOT for Prayer or Forgiveness but hoping that I may gain access to the kitchen so that I may fill my water bottles which were now almost empty but the kitchen area was locked.
As I was starting to really struggle with the heat and thirst I took it upon myself to call at one of the houses in the village and ask the owner to fill my water bottles.
No problem was the reply from a well mannered young lady who I  thanked numerous times .
At Dufton a decision was made by our very experienced Leader who stayed well focussed under the conditions all day that we would then continue no further on our intended route and that we would  make our way back to Appleby .
We then took a path through the woods to reach Kempler Bridge and then Join the PW and reach Castle Hill and Flakebridge Wood and then retrace our route back to Appleby Station.
During the return to Appleby I did have to ask our group to stop on numerous occasions so that I could have a break .I was knackered but with our banter and wise cracks our cohort of very patient and understanding members got us through. 
We then did our paperwork and then retired to "The Midland"  (Pub not Bank) where after even more form filling  we were welcomed and had our customary drinks.As is normal our discussion turned to the day's events and how unbearable it was at times.
This was an EXCELLENT day's walk where like our previous walk the
week before, views were amazing, and I don't think should be Overshadowed by the exceptionally High temperatures and under a Blazing hot sun that was so hot that our Chocolate Eclairs (Sweets) had melted in my Rucksack .Did it stop us eating them ? 
Anton will put this walk on our program again . Thank You Anton
Charlotte returned to win our bottle of wine (We all agreed it was great to have her back) and Carol who is now a regular member of our group won our box of Chocolates.

Photos by Sheila Robinson

Photos by Ann Grainger