Grassington Again | Saturday 3 July 2021

Walk Leader: Lynn Hathaway
Participants: 5
Mileage: 19 miles
Ascent: 2,400 ft
Walk Report: Lynn Hathaway

Arrived in Grassington to mist and torrential rain, luckily, this was the worst it got, but we did get damp on the walk.  After a slight deviation to investigate a path that wasn't on the route, we amused the locals and had a very "British coffee break" in Conistone, where we sat in the rain having hot drinks and cake.  After deciding to deviate from the planned route, to a lower route in the valley as heavy rain and thunderstorms were forecast, we were joined by a friendly robin for lunch who was quite partial to bread.  The weather greatly improved after lunch and we meandered down a over some lovely fields to Burnsall, where we again, in usual British tradition, had hot tea and cake (well Robert & Mary did).  Walking along the river back to Grassington, there were quite a lot of intrepid, and in some cases, very weary looking, walkers coming the other way, just finishing a charity walk for Macmillan.  Walk ended with some nail biting and breath holding while we watch some baby ducks climbing the rocks after mum, and then trying not to get swept over Linton Falls.