Fill Yer Boots | Saturday 26 June 2021

Walk Leader: Andy Miller
Participants: 4
Mileage: 17 miles
Ascent: 1,863 ft
Walk Report: Andy Miller
Weather: Overcast ,Spells of sunshine, but stayed Dry 
As always I arrived early. I got myself ready .I then informed my expected members by phone of the Roadworks on the A66 telling them not to stress and not to risk a speeding fine by rushing to get there on time .
These roadworks will continue for 2 months.
I then spent the next half hour having a look around the village very impressive and had everything in place to start a walk from .Parking Places ,Clean Toilets ,Village shop ,Pub ,and it,s very own Chocolate Factory/Shop and Tearoom.     (Beat That Walk Leaders)
When our members did arrive on time after an exchange of banter and general conversation we set off.
We made our way through the village to All Saints Church through the cemetery and made our way on a well defined footpath to reach a large cairn Robin Hood,s Grave (What it says on The Map).
I was informed by an experienced member that this part of the walk was on the 3 Rings of Shap which takes place in this area .We continued to go west following the 3 Rings of Shap route to reach a junction of  numerous Footpaths and Bridleways, my first test of the day . 
I chose to go along the Bridleway named Wicker Street which then joined a track called Slack Randy to take us to Crosby Ravensworth and our first stop of the day . 
After a relaxed break we took a short road section to Croke Trees, then  NW to Crake Trees (different name) where our small group were amused at the antics of a family of pigs being fed by the farmer .
We then continued through a Camp/Pod site to reach another Junction of footpaths where I had a blip and took the wrong FP .I was corrected and chastised by the group in the nicest possible way ( The Date of my last   Eyesight Test and My Date of Birth were Questioned ).
After regaining my confidence We continued to use sometimes slightly overgrown Nettle lined FP,s.This was not intentional and was not to repay the comments made to me earlier by the group. We then arrived at Reagill Grange and then went East and then South East to reach Howebeck Bridge .
After crossing a couple of Fields we took the short Road section to Maulds Meaburn, another lovely village and our Lunch Break . 
After Lunch we crossed the Bridge and came along the eastern side of Lyvennet Beck, which was a well established FP used by locals to again reach the other side of Crosby Ravensworth. We then climbed up a narrow Road to join a Track which took us to Bank Head and continued to climb up to  Raise How .
We then took a short Road section  to reach Gaythorne Plain where we took the well established BW due south through the Limestone Pavement to reach another well established BW which we took to reach Scar Side 
and then a BW which took us back to Orton through a different part of the village.
This area is well worth a visit and is not that far away using A1/A66 /A685
We will return to this area and apart from a few overgrown FP,s was a Top Day enjoyed by another Excellent Group  who once again gave 100% to make the day a success .
Yes I did buy my wife a small selection of Kennedy,s Hand Made Chocolates .Did she Share them with me ? What do you think ?
Martin Won our Raffle a bottle of wine Well Done Martin . 

Photos by Sheila Robinson