Moor Moor Moor | Saturday 19 June 2021

Walk Leader: Wendy Leete
Participants: 8
Mileage: 21 miles
Ascent: 2,900 ft
Walk Report: Robert Cope

We set-off from an already busy Middleham Market Place (people, parked cars and horses!) on a coolish and cloudy day - though somewhat warmer than had been forecast.

Our route was clockwise on a vaguely “parallelogram shaped” loop south of Middleham and taking in Cover Bridge and East Witton before ascending and then descending Witton and Agra Moors respectively and crossing the River Burn at Gollinglith Foot.  We took our mid-morning refreshment stop on the Coal Road (Track) as we climbed out of Gollinglith Foot.

We continued westerly on Coal Road for several miles following the River Burn before turning south, then west, then north via the strangely named Little or South Haw (?), then Great Haw and finally Little Haw (can’t help thinking just plain South Haw would be less confusing!).  Nevertheless the moorland scenery looking back down the valley was both remote and dramatic and, despite the slight haze, with views all the way to the Cleveland Hills.  We propped ourselves up for our lunch stop on one of the convenient, albeit rather unsightly tips from the disused West Scrafton Colliery.  It was clearly named Coal Road for good reason!

Following lunch we continued north traversing West Scrafton Moor before descending (a little off piste at times!) into West Scrafton itself.  There, unexpectedly for most of us, we were met by Brian dispensing hot cups of tea and biscuits - a most welcome “interruption” to our journey.  The return to Middleham was north east via Caldbergh, crossing the River Cover at the Hulo Bridge where, much to our amusement, one of our number decided to take advantage of the therapeutic qualities of cool running water on aching limbs (see photos).  Finally the Six Dales Trail brought us back into Middleham via the Castle.

The day finished with yet more tea and refreshments in a local cafeteria.  An excellent day’s outing thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Photos by Tony Jenner

Photos by Robert Cope

Photos by Jon Leete