Obsession or Dedication | Saturday 22 May 2021

Walk Leader: Andy Miller
Participants: 8
Mileage: 20 miles
Ascent: 2,100 ft
Weather: Overcast, icy cold winds, warm sunshine at times in afternoon
Walk Report: Andy Miller
As usual as soon as we met the banter started setting us up for another laughter filled day even though it was very cold .
We proceeded uphill on the road heading west to then take our 1st left on Hunt House road to Gill View .From Gill View we again turned west down a well used Farm Track to reach a Ford and 2 FB,s where the river was in full flow and very deep.Fortunately we did not have to cross the Ford or any of the FB,s as we took a left turn through a small woodland to climb a Stile  with a Finger Post  named Roman Road and pointing very accurately where we wanted to go .We climbed uphill on the Roman Road (Track) to reach the moor where there was a well used path running across the moor running parallel with the Roman Road which was in my view  at this point was no good to walk on as it was littered with all sorts of Limestone Rocks of all shapes and sizes so we continued on the well used path to reach Keys Beck Road where we traversed a path on a short section of heather moorland to cross Wheeldale Bridge as the Ford was in full speight .
We continued on this road to again cross another Metal FB as again this river was in Full speight .We then pressed on at a steady pace until we reached Stape VH where we had our first break of the day .This VH was used on both "The Tandem '' and " The Saltergate Circuit '' 2 very popular events on their day . 
From Stape we progressed along the road to reach the first bridleway  heading east all the way down to the  Ny Moors Railway track before turning South to walk adjacent all the way until we reached Levisham Station Where we had a drinks stop .
From Levisham Station we took the uphill road and then a series of back lanes to reach Levisham Village where I had a very positive response when I suggested we have a Pub stop and a fresh cup of Tea or Coffee in " The Horseshoe Inn " where we were warmly welcomed and shown to a series of Seats and Tables in a fenced off area in front of the Pub .
After a relaxed and extended lunch break we then took a bridleway named " Tabular Hills Walk "all the way to Gallows Dike where we then took the roadside path to rach a bridleway and footpath around Yewtree Scar before taking a downhill footpath to then take a Riverside footpath all the way to reach the bridge under the Ny Moors Railway where we had a drinks stop .
After our drinks stop we took a track for a short distance through the woods to reach a long wearisome seriously uphill Track/Footpath  to reach Wardle Rigg where after a short walk through some woods heading north we crossed a few fields before taking a major Track west to then take another major Track heading north and then a footpath to Hunt House where we joined the Road/Track and retraced our early morning steps back to our cars.
As always I am never short of  praise for my group for turning up on our walks as some travel a great distance no matter what the weather and ground conditions which yesterday in certain areas can only be described as "  Bog Like " after days of Heavy Rain. Everyone Yesterday deserved a medal the size of a " Frying Pan " for sticking with it .
A Big Thank You from Me .
Yesterday Sheila won a bottle of Red, Dave won the After Eights and Anne won the other box of Chocolates on our raffles Well Done you 3
Again Thanks for another donation for Autism Plus.