Leaves of Grass | Saturday 22 May 2021

Walk Leader: Reg Tayler
Participants: 8
Mileage: 19 miles
Ascent: 2,620 ft
Walk Report: Reg Tayler

There was some confusion where to park at the start, despite me giving a grid reference. This was soon rectified with a phone call and eight of us set off. We started at a brisk pace as it was a cool morning and spitting with rain. First across to Bordley then north to Mastiles Lane. However it soon transpired that one of our party who had had a second Covid jab the day before was suffering the after-effects, so we slowed the pace a bit.

The morning break was just off Mastiles Lane above Kilnsey, with nice views across to Conistone, our next point of call. From Conistone we took a path up to above Grass Wood, seeing lots of purple orchids, cowslips and primroses on the way. We then meandered through Grass Wood visiting ‘Fort Gregory’ – an iron-age hill fort – on the way. Then along the river Wharfe to Grassington – the river was full and fast flowing.

We had a lunch stop in Grassington, where a couple of people decided to cut the walk short. Then down to Linton Falls and along the river to Burnsall, returning to Threshfield via Thorpe and Linton. We were lucky with the weather, no rain to speak of and the sun came out for the last hour or so.

Editor's Note: Thank you Reg for your first walk as leader with North Yorkshire.  A very interesting trek through some less well known areas (to most of us at least) around Grassington - and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Looking forward to your next outing.

Photos by Robert Cope