What's that Raven Worth | Saturday 8 May 2021

Walk Leader: Jon Leete
Participants: 11
Mileage: 22 miles
Ascent: 2,500ft
Walk Report: Robert Cope

The run of good weather since social walks recommenced finally came to an end this Saturday with a coldish and rain-sodden outing from Easby Abbey (close to Richmond).  Undeterred however by such minor matters North Yorkshire had its largest turnout yet which augurs well for our continued return to “normality”.

Our route was an irregular shaped anti-clockwise loop commencing almost from its most southerly tip and passing through Easby, Skeeby and Gilling West where a bus shelter provided cover - for some at least - for our mid-morning stop.  Then via Hartforth and on to Ravensworth (hence the walk’s name!) where we passed the limited remains of Ravensworth Castle.  A short climb then took us to Kirby Hill, where even the largest tree couldn’t quite provide shelter from the incessant rain for our lunch stop! 

Refreshed by our watery sandwiches a long south-westerly run eventually brought us to Whitecliffe Scar and the site of Willance’s Leap.  Reputedly in 1606 Robert Willance, a wealthy Richmond merchant, and his horse overshot this near sheer drop in thick fog with unfortunate consequences for both.  What a pity considering the spectacular views over the dale and to the River Swale below!

We stayed high above the Swale in an easterly direction before dropping down to cross it close to Round Howe.  A climbing detour was then deemed necessary to avoid a possibly flooded riverside path, but nevertheless we broadly followed the path of the Swale to the south of Richmond before crossing it again and returning to the Easby Abbey car park.

Interesting and varied terrain - and good company as ever - we finished in high spirits with the rain finally giving way to weak sunshine.  Thanks Jon for a great day out.

Photos by Tony Jenner