The Tandem (West Route) | Saturday 23 June 2018

Walk Leader: Andy Mlller
Participants: 7
Mileage: 27 miles
Ascent: 3,070 ft
Walk Report: Wendy Leete

A quick decision, for a change of direction, was thought of by our good leader so we could get a pub stop in at around 20 miles (the "mednaT tseW" route ?).  This is not going to become a habit, honestly.....but on a beautiful hot day a nice cool drink goes down really well.  The magnificent seven left Goathland to head south (east) for Simon Howe to cross the Lyke Wake walk route and continue towards Stape.  Before too long we're heading west as we turn the corner.  Crossing over grass moorland and traditional moorland we eventually hit a tarmac road and once again crossed the LWW route.  Our route continued down Wintergill and then up up up the other side on to Glaisdale Rigg, where for a few minutes we lost sight of our leader, who on rejoining us had collected three extra persons!!  The route continued through to Egton, Grosmont, via the coast to coast route, and finally back to Goathland alongside the North Yorks Moors old railway line.  Although we looked forward to taking our boots off we had all enjoyed the day we'd left behind us.

Photos by Robert Cope