How to Upload Photos


Photos are most welcome from anyone participating in any of our walks, and will be uploaded to the website under the Walk Reports tab.

There is no need to re-size photos (which should be .jpg files) and no actual limit to the number submitted or the number of people submitting photos.  A guideline maximum of 25 photos per person is however suggested. 

There are TWO alternative ways to submit your photos:

1.  Dropbox Upload

Preferable for large numbers of photos and/or larger photo files, as it completely avoids emails with large file attachments and their potential blocking by ISP’s.  This method uses a Dropbox “cloud storage” account in my name (Robert Cope), and the photos uploaded are only accessible by me.  Once transferred to the North Yorkshire website they will be deleted, so please keep your own copies if required.

This method automatically and simultaneously issues two emails: (i) to you that your photos have been successfully uploaded and (ii) notifies me that you have sent them.  As such no further communication is required.

Click on the link below and follow the instructions.  There is no need to create a Dropbox account - though you will be invited to do so.

Photos & Walk Reports Upload

2.  Email Attachments

The traditional approach frequently used by many of us.  More suited to a small number of photos and smaller files sizes.  Also, perhaps photos taken on, and submitted directly from, a smartphone.

Please use the following email address for this purpose:


Walk reports (either accompanied by photos or on their own) can also be submitted by either of the two alternatives described above.  If using the Dropbox method, the walk report would need to be in a generally accepted form of text file.

Looking forward to receiving lots of amusing photos and stunning Yorkshire scenes.

Any questions/problems, please feel free to contact me.

Robert Cope

Tel:           07977 412721