Christmas Easy Amble - Saturday 11th December 2021

Twelve walkers joined the BBN/E&H Christmas Easy Amble, a 9-mile walk from Therfield, north Hertfordshire, taking in rolling hills and picturesque rural scenery on a chilly but dry, bright winter's day. The walk was ably led by Ian Watson, standing in for organiser Phil Hastings who had to drop out due to injury. The majority of walkers then adjourned to the Therfield pub for a post-Amble lunch. 

A few photos from Alison:


Norman enjoyed his day:
A lovely morning’s walk on Phil Hastings’ Easy Amble from Therfield. A joint walk between BBN and Essex Herts 12 turned up  for an 8.2 mile walk around Royston Heath and Kelshall from The Fox and Duck PH. Along the way we allocated Sarah Feal her 12 new posts on the committee as our newest member. A very gentle pace with a couple of climbs and lovely views around Ethics… This was followed by an even more leisurely meal afterwards. Many thanks to Phil for coming up with the idea and to Ian Watson for leading the

A view of Royston;
4 happy smiling faces, Steve, Gill, Sarah and Alison from Cambridge
Then I joined them .....
Allo allo just thought I'd pop my face into the FOREground of the Royston Heath golf course
Gill taking a photo of the Jubilee Wood stone
Jubilee Wood Stone
A par 3 down hill golf hole
Ian and Gill discussing who has the best hat
Steve after I'd fed him a piece of Waitrose Stollen
Tea break
Francoise with white trecking poles which were immaculately clean
Don't shoot!
A telephone box doubling as a library. Gill just borrowing a book. How she'll return it I don't know.
Sara the Sommelier (don't ask) enjoying her tea from a china mug on the 2nd short stop
Nearly at the finish
Santa on his sleigh with his reindeers just outside Therfield. Very cleverly done.
A picture of Audrey Hepburn in the gents loo!

So did Gill:
Some photos from the joint BBN/E&H Christmas Easy Amble, devised and organised by Phil and led by Ian. A big thank you to both of them.
A lovely walk, a happy group, and an excellent meal at the pub. A really great day.  Here's to more Easy Ambles in 2022