In and Out of Herts - Saturday 11th September 2021

In and Out of Herts - Leader Terry Brown

A great day out with Terry. Lovely weather and attractive countryside.

Early view of Shillington Church.
Mid-morning stop at Pirton where Terry handed round Jim Robinson's Lunch Cake - the recipe is Mrs Jim's (Janet). Today's cake was made by Terry so we could take some photos and then offer the recipe for the LDWA50 cookbook.  There are no words - this cake is beyond delicious.

A walk around the Oughtonhead Common nature reserve by the  River OughtonTerry explained it is a very short river, just two mile before it joins the River Hiz in Hitchin, and we could see the beautifully clear water of a chalk river.
Lunch at Ickleford where the villagers were celebrating the opening of their new Telephone Box Book Exchange, and were happy for everyone to join the party.
A face-off with some cows in the afternoon  - they were on the walkers' boardwalk.
Mid-afternoon break at a play park, luckily no children about, so a chance for us to have some fun.
It really was the most enjoyable day.
Thank you Terry.

Photos; Gill Bunker, Terry Brown, Ian Watson