Flitwick Moor and More - Thursday 25th July 2019

Leader: Dee Brockway

18 walkers, 16 miles from Silsoe

Only Mad Dogs and BBN  ............ out in the heat on a day that breaks all temperature records.

It was hot, hot hot !  There was an escape route by car from the lunch stop at Pulloxhill plus a shorter direct return to Silsoe for some. 
Eight walkers did the whole 16 miles, their hopes of a second cold drink at Pulloxhill cruelly dashed as the pub had just closed. 
Water was gratefully received but it just didn't hit the spot in quite the same way.

A big thank you to Dee for a good walk -  lots of varied countryside and some lovely views, especially in the afternoon.

Two photos from Dee, the rest from DFH.  Photos plus map from M are here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/60620372@N07/albums/72157709894408392