Another Stroll from Shefford - Thurs 26 July 2018

Leader: Terry Brown

14/15 miles

Mad dogs and BBN .......  24 walkers, and there was Terry thinking no-one would turn up for a walk on what was forecast to be the hottest day of year so far!  .

It did get very hot - up to 34o in the afternoon, but Terry shortened her planned walk and threw in extra drink stops under leafy trees. Most of the group had a refreshing pint at Old Warden's Hare & Hounds. M rang the RSPCA to tell them ot an injured muntjac - hope they could help. 4 peeled off after lunch.on the 11 mile option.  We were all extremely glad of the shade when we found some and the odd moments when a breeze sprang up. And the  scent of the roses growing near Broom was wonderful. 

It really was a very enjoyable walk, thank you Terry.

Merrian's photos and route map are here

and DFH's photos