Magical Mystery Tour - Thurs 22nd March 2018

Leader: Martin Lawson

23 walkers, 17 miles

Hartwell, northwards, over the M1, and on to Piddington. Odd name, we thought. Where did that come from? See and

Mid-morning stop at the circular bench at Horton and Martin says we're spot on schedule.  South to Weston Underwood  for our lunch break,with a choice of the Cowper's Oak (drinkers) or Cowper's Alcove(non-drinkers).
The beer of choice was Side Pocket for a Toad.  Another interesting name:
Side Pocket for a Toad: An old Hertfordshire saying alluding to the uselessness of anything,  somewhat akin to the “chocolate teapot” phrase. Although now sadly  passed into disuse, we at Tring Brewery are leading a failing campaign  to restore this wonderful old expression to its rightful place in  popular parlance. Sadly most people just ask for a pint of Toad, Side Pocket and sometimes ‘that beer with the frog on it!’.

A shorter afternoon took us across the fields to Ravenstone (where DFH remembers the old Wheatsheaf pub),  Eakley Grange, then  south of Salcey Forest and back to Hartwell. 

M joined us for the morning - its good to have her back.  Also Geoff, back walking with us after his fall and injured arm. 
Sunshine early on but a bit colder in the afternoon, some mud but not too bad.  
A very enjoyable Magical Mystery Tour, thank you Martin, it was an excellent day.
Thanks to DFH for the photos and M for the research.