Christmas at Spoons - Thurs 14 December

 Leader: Dave Findel-Hawkins

16 on walk in morning and 16 in afternoon.  Jake did just am and Di just pm. Merrian & Brian came for lunch.
For this year's Thursday Walks Christmas Celebration BBN visited the new Wetherspoons at Bletchley - Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party’
Bletchley is best known as the World War II headquarters of Britain’s famous codebreakers – Bletchley Park. Sir Herbert Leon, a wealthy stockbroker, had bought the estate in 1882 and was key in its development. In 1937, the estate passed into government hands. Then, an undercover MI6 group arrived using the name ‘Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party’, with ‘an air of friends enjoying a weekend at a country house’. Their real purpose was to see whether Bletchley Park would work as a wartime location.   And the rest as they say is history.

DFH's photos (not many as busy leading)

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