Chilterns in Winter - Thurs 30 Nov 2017

Leader: John Davies

18 walkers, about 16 miles

A lovely sunny day, but oh so cold as we left Cholesbury. Lots of woolly hats, but worn with sunglasses. The Chilterns looked stunning  - the beechwoods in the winter sunshine and those beautiful chalk valleys. 
Our lunch stop was Spoons in Berkhamsted where many took advantage of the warm pub rather than sit in the graveyard, tho' those outside did find a sheltered spot in the sun.
The afternoon took us through the woods to the north side of Berkhamsted, with a breather at the Cow Roast locks and then more woods near Wigginton and finally across the old hill fort and back to Cholesbury.

A great day out in the Chilterns, thank you John.

DFH's photos: