The Travellers' Graves Walk aka The Great Fire of Stony Stratford - Thursday 22nd Sept 2016

Leader: Dianne Sutton

18 walkers, including Brian G who joined us for the morning. 14-15 miles. Bit of mizzle drizzle in the morning, but lovely and sunny from lunchtime onwards.
We didn't get to the Travellers' Graves as the footpath Dianne intended to use is closed  for the duration of building works - she will take us there when the work is finished - instead the new highlight was the Great Fire of Stony Statford and some of the history of the town. The final mile of the walk was through the new Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve.   A very enjoyable walk, thank you Dianne, with lots of local and historic interest.

Dave's photos:

and Merrian's photos are here