A Shorter Wildflower Wander - Thursday 25 August 2017

 Leader: Dave Sedgley

A lovely walk on beautiful sunny day with great views from the Sundon Hills.  18 walkers.  Good to meet Carol and Kerry.

Lots of wild flowers in the chalk hills - Rosebay Willow Herb, Autumn Gentian, Harebells, Scabious, lots of Twayblade Orchids which had just finished flowering. The lunch stop was on a meandering path downhill through the hills above Barton-Le-Clay, very reminiscent of the Derbyshire Dales,  A wonderful place.  A great day too for proud grandparents as the GCSE results came through. Roger bumped into his son, the proud father of Roger's very talented grandson.

A super day out, thank you Dave. Nearing Upper Sundon towards the end of the walk, the lure of the Red Lion was just too strong for some walkers who took a direct route back - well it was very. very, very hot - my driver swiftly shot off for a beer so I was forced to follow.

M's photos and map:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/60620372@N07/albums/72157671973223232