Lakes Towns & Woods - Thursday 10 March 2016

Leader: Linda Marsh
Caldecotte Lake - Bow Brickhill - through the woods - morning break at the the county boundary - Woburn Park - lunch break at Woburn - back through the woods - outskirts of MK - and back to the Lake.
28 walkers, plus Brian who caught us up by car as he could not get through the floods to the start.  
Good to have our three "foreigners" back and hear about their holidays, and nice to welcome some of our recently retired folk.  Steve C joined us as he had a few days off - so he became the photographer for the day. 
Mary brought lots of cake as she won't be there for "Let them eat cake" in two weeks.  Lots of water and mud, but we all enjoyed the day. Thank you  Linda.
The link to Steve's photos is here