GBG1 - Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Map of route word (605KB) pdf (360KB).

15 on the walk, my GPS clocked 15.6 miles.  We saw heron, buzzard, kestrel (with alarm call).  Bread pudding recipe (Dave says he uses less milk and doesn't bother with the orange peel).  The only reason for having the walk on Wednesday, instead of usual Thursday, was to go to the Two Brewers in Thornborough. It's been in the Good Beer Guide for many years.  It's not open Monday, Tuesday or Thursday lunchtimes and only opens on Wednesday lunchtimes because that's the day they take deliveries.  Also, OAPs get half-price drinks on Wednesday lunchtimes.  BUT, it was closed. Margaret and Roger met the landlord after the walk, and sent the following to Dave, he apologised for not being open, got delayed for 4 hours in traffic.  He does normally open, and a pint is £2 so perhaps you should forgive him (I don't think that's likely).  The pom-poms on the tree were made from supermarket bags.

Many thanks to the gate people - that's the way to do it, if only all walks were like that.

Videos - ducks (2MB) more ducks (2MB) and more ducks (2MB).