Lea'lands - Thursday 14th May 2015

Map of route word (672KB) pdf (382KB).

12 plus the leader, my gps clocked 17.2 miles.  Roger and Margaret weren't "absent - weather", they were "absent - theatre".  Colin was "absent - weather/distance/chicken wake".  It was good to test the wet weather gear - let's be positive.  Loads of history on the noticeboards, just a bit wet to stand around reading them for too long.  Some green corridors the natives were unaware of.  Does anyone know what those mini trig points were?  Hope we see Graham and Paul on some more social walks.  Points of interest on the walk, source of River Lea, Waulud's Bank, Riddy Lane Trail (to Galley and Warden Hills), Dray's Ditches, Bramingham Park, Limbury Meads, Lea Valley Walk, Icknield Way.