The Tinker from Elstow - Sunday 2nd February 2014

The Tinker from Elstow - John Bunyan, of course – who mended pots and pans - before becoming a Puritan soldier - a Dissenter and unlicensed preacher  - was imprisoned for 12 years for his beliefs – and wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress.

From Wilstead – very muddy paths round the south of the village – but then much better field paths to Cotton End  and on to the old Bedford-Hitchin railway line – along the Greensand Ridge  and down to Cople for the lunch stop.  Cople to Cardington – the R101 Airship Memorial – and on to Harrowden - we looked along the stream towards the site of Bunyan’s birthplace  but didn’t walk (out and back)  to it – the photo below was taken on the recce – I had seen it and was quite happy – we had a People’s Vote and instead we looked at some pictures - the stone marking the birthplace, a drawing of what the cottage had looked like and a portrait of the man himself – and went on to Moot Hall on the Green at Elstow – where there is more to see.  A short stretch on the John Bunyan Trail before field paths back to Wilstead. 

An unexpectedly sunny day -  some mud in places but not too much.  Excellent views all day of the Cardington Sheds (the Airship Hangars).
18 walkers am 14 walkers pm (a car had been left at Cople). 

A massive thank you to Brian Harwood for telling me about the disused railway line and  joining me on the recce.

(Not many photos – as I was leading).