Christmas at Wetherspoons - Thursday 19th December 2013

Map of route pdf (296KB) word (427KB). Leader - Dave Findel-Hawkins

My gps clocked 6.86 miles before lunch and 5.98 after.  20 started the walk, Jim left at Stoke Hammond turn, Roger joined us in 'spoons (get well soon Roger). Welcome to Pat, a new member.  Glacial erratic in Soulbury (thank you to Michael and Mike for the additional info below), morning tea break (with cakes for Mike's birthday) at the church in Soulbury, 55 minutes to tea break - is that a record, used up the mince pies Santa left behind, saw a 9 car pendolino and a diesel voyager (that's two trains joined together, they're red and don't have a pantograph overhead...howsabout an article for the newsletter Mike?), saw Mike's old school (Cedars Grammar School) in LB (and a blue plaque for Mary Norton, who wrote The Borrowers), Nick Beggs (lived opposite Mike when he was a kid) of Kajagoogoo (not easy to say after a pint), Barron Knights also LB, saw The Big Bardic Book (or should it be The Bardic Big Book).  Which walk started from the Globe and we met a digger?  Where was Beryl?

''Natural Stone / Glacial Erratic in Buckinghamshire Located some 50 yards or so north of the church, at the junction of High Road and Chapel Hill (SP882270), this stone looms from the tarmac like a walrus breaking from the sea. There are no give way signs, or other warnings, and yet no sign of collision damage, which is a minor miracle of some kind! Don't look for this one at night.'' Found this via Google. Elsewhere it's descibed as having been carried in the ice sheets from Derbyshire. (Mike)
These sites perhaps explain why the stone has never been moved. Rocks Afoot. Bucks Family History. (Michael)

(Dave Findel-Hawkins)

(Merrian Lancaster)