A Different Baldock Bimble - Thursday 26th September 2013

Map of route word (534KB) pdf (328KB).

15 on the walk, my gps clocked 15.8 miles, good briefing from Phil at the start (tho' his idea of "not too fast" is much faster than mine), welcomed Melvyn and Ann from E&H, excellent weather, pretty village Ashwell for lunch, Arbury Banks (info from Phil below), Rose & Crown (GK IPA and Landlord), Three Tuns (closed for refurb), Bushel & Strike (St Austell Trelawney, Youngs, Dogfish Head DNA), Bushel & Strike?? - 2 bushels in a strike but that doesn't explain the pub sign.

The origins of Arbury Banks (the fenced off section we passed late morning on the outskirts of Ashwell). According to the Ashwell Museum website, this is what it is/was:
People have lived in Ashwell since the Stone Age leaving behind them artefacts and evidence in the landscape.  It is in the Bronze Age that we first find evidence in the landscape.  Aerial photographs show many Bronze Age burial barrows besides the one called Highley Hill, the only one which has not been ploughed out.  Arbury Banks, a hill fort covering over 12 acres, was probably started in the Bronze Age before becoming the major site of the Iron Age in Ashwell.  Once the Romans had settled in Britain in the first century AD fortifications like Arbury Banks were not needed and the site was abandoned.

(Merrian Lancaster)