Down, Flat Out, Then Up - Thursday 28th March 2013

Map of route word (643KB) pdf (361KB)

18 on the walk, clocked 15.7 miles, we saw kites, buzzard, deer and grey wagtail, John brought cakes - good luck to him and Jan in Dorset; we look forward to a BBN trip there when they've settled in, Red Lion Marsworth (ABC Tin Roof Rusted Red Ale and Vale Wychert), the green things in the reservoir were bales of barley straw being used to combat the nasty algae, met a man checking the route for the Berkhamsted Walk, why do dogs chase sticks?, Brian followed the link about Bristol gates (last Thursday walk) and has read the catalogue - there is something called a Milton Keynes 2 Way gate

(Merrian Lancaster)