The Whaddon Chase - Thursday 14th March 2013

Map of route word (658KB) pdf (368KB) (not quite, 'cos it's the route I took from home and back)

24 on the walk including one guest, Brian injured so Dave led, Whaddon Chase, Bristol gate, saw a buzzard, where did the disused railway run, saw llamas/alpacas, has anyone got a picture of the house before it was derelict, 16 stiles, bread pudding from Dave (left-overs from Chiltern Kanter), Green Man Mursley (St Austell Tribute and Butcombe Bitter), who was on the first Thursday walk, who designed the BBN badge, Anne's London to Brighton challenge

from Mike about the railway  The Oxford - Bletchley trains finished for passengers 1968, but some use of the line continued for freight until the 1990's. There were even Aylesbury to MKCentral special Xmas Shopper trains calling Winslow during the freight only era. The line is 'mothballed' in railway speak but I'm hoping for East-West Rail revitalisation (aka Government Lolly) in the next 5 years. I hereby promise to lead the first LDWA MKCentral to Winslow Thursday social walk - train assisted one way. We'll all have rail senior citizen card status by then!

Photos (Brian Graves)

(Merrian Lancaster)