Rushmere Revisited - Thursday 10th January 2013

Dave Sedgley's map of route.

My GPS lost the signal in the wood, here's a map of what it did get word (450KB) pdf (306KB).

24 on the walk, in and around Rushmere Park.  Our walk leader arranged for soup at the cafe at the visitors' centre, built a bridge across a stream on his way to the walk, got leaflets for everyone and brought plastic bags for sitting at the morning break - thanks Dave. Sessile oaks, Robert Daws lives in Ampthill, shame we didn't get a picture of the horses splashing through the puddle, too muddy to visit the pet graveyard, is it early for catkins, shame I lost the note attached to the balloon, Mike's grandad was born in the white house.

From Dianne, Some people may also be interested in the moat we looked at at Potsgrove - seems we were right to assume the land was nowadays part of the Bedford Estate.

video clip

(Merrian Lancaster)