Extra Walk - Thursday 20th December 2012


11 on the walk, with 2 more joining us at lunchtime.  The route was the MK Millennium cycle trail, with many detours to avoid the floods, which weren't there 24 hours earlier when Dave cycled the route to check it. Santa couldn't join us for the walk, but sent sweeties, and joined us at lunchtime (in civvies, most odd). Brian also met us in 'spoons at lunchtime, thanks for bagging some seats before the office workers arrived.  It didn't chuck it down, but I think it rained all day and no-one seemed keen to try out the many play areas on the route.  My GPS threw a wobbly and picked up some rogue waypoints after lunch; it thought I was in the Med between Barcelona and Marseille.

Dave's photos here.

(Merrian Lancaster)