Oxon 40/20 Feedback 2023

A selection of comments from entrants after the event:

"My first Oxon 20 was 2008 from Henley YMCA. Everyone set off with paper instructions to follow the course for what was both a physical and navigational 'challenge'.
I have completed several events since (as a walker, walker/runner, and runner). Last Saturday was my first event for a few years and I was surprised at how many people now use sat nav/phone/garmin devices with turn by turn instructions. Few people towards the front were using the paper instructions.
Is the 20 mile event still the challenge it was intended to be?
" On behalf of my husband and I, who ran/walked the 20 mile route on Saturday, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for a truly magnificent day!
The weather was amazing, the route was beautiful and challenging (RD was perfect), especially the rollercoaster of the last few miles, and the bluebells and lambs were lovely.
But most of all, it was the volunteers/marshals at the parking, start, end and checkpoints, that made this event one of the most welcoming and friendly I have attended.
We were greeted with smiles, encouraging words and offers of delicious food and drink, from the moment we entered Event HQ in the morning, through both checkpoints, and to the time that we hobbled away after a fabulous soup lunch.
Thank you, wonderful Thames Valley people. We can’t wait to do it all over again next year!
" Please pass on my grateful appreciation to the whole team who made yesterday’s event such a success. The route was delightful and interesting and perfectly described in the route description – it’s so good to have a different route each year. The checkpoints were welcoming and everyone was so positive. The soup at the end was delicious and just what I needed.
I know that there is a huge amount of work which goes in to planning a successful event like this and as always you have excelled!
Well done all!
" (Facebook) The LDWA Oxon 40/20 Challenge completed today... Sunshine, bluebells and hills from Stokenchurch to Ewelme and back... Words cannot express how exhausted I am! Thanks as always to the volunteers who make these events happen.
" (Facebook) Another belter of an event this time hosted by the LDWA Thames Valley group. 40 stunning, bumpy (1,300m of elevation) and very warm miles on the beautiful Oxon 40. My second time here and the bonus was the route was completely changed this year from the last. Equally picturesque and I think a tad hillier than 2022 (or maybe my legs are not quite as fit this year!) it was brilliant beginning to end.
The day started with drama as I’d misread that runners started at 9am…however the 40s were well on their way an hour or two earlier and I spent the first 10 adrenaline fuelled miles looking for fellow trail mates!
Got to see the gorgeous Nicola briefly and finally meet lovely Martin sampling their first LDWA event and everyone out there was encouraging and friendly and seemed to be loving the proper (finally!!!) spring day.
At the 30ish mile mark I came across a very dramatic mooing mother cow in a field and as I made my way to the gate at the other end of the field I noticed a tiny calf on the wrong side of the fence close to the gate. Goodness knows how he got there, the idiot. 20 minutes of corralling and soothing sounds and trying not to shout ‘stand still you moron’, I finally got him wedged into the kissing gate to shove him back to mad mama who’d come over to moo encouragement. Thank goodness he was no bigger than a Great Dane, I’m not sure I’d of managed it otherwise!
So, all in all another day to be remembered forever and all thanks to the incredible volunteers of the LDWA, my fellow trail mates, escapee baby mooers and my very, very patient boys, though quite why I shout at him that ‘I’m off for a filling’ at the end is anyone’s guess!