Virtual Y Sir Fynwy Hundred 2021

The Mini Sir Fynwy: Helen Abbott (Recce) These photos are from a recce I did 2 weeks before the event, from 12-16 May. I had recced the first 20 miles of the actual  Y Sir Fynwy in January 2020 and was very keen to recce some or all of the rest and ideally use this route for the main event, but…

Capital Challenge, 6 April 2019

TV members and friends at the end of an enjoyable Capital Challenge event on 6th April 2019. Photo by Gill Scott

Winter Poppyline, 10 February 2019

A picture of Christine and some old friends (who are not Chris and Gerry) from the Winter Poppyline, 10th February 2019, by Chris Lloyd

Winter Tanners, 20 January 2019

Thames Valley ladies out in force braving the Winter Tanners on 20th January 2019. A respectable time of 6 hours 23 and our boots didn't even get muddy! Words and photo by Vikki Bell

Chiltern Marathon, 9 September 2018

TV members at the end of the Chiltern Marathon Challenge event on 9th September 2018. Photo by Gill Scott

North York Moors Hundred 2017 - Before and After

North York Moors Afterthought: A tale of two contrasts   Gillamoor, St. Aidan's Church Gillamoor at dusk Looking across to Spauntom Moor Looking across to Spauntom Moor There were two very contrasting scenes the evening before the North York Moors Hundred and the afternoon immediately…

Punchbowl Marathon, February 2015

Here are a few selected pictures of the February 2015 Punchbowl Marathon in sunny and reasonably dry conditions, to redress the balance from recent years featuring variously wind-driven rain, deep mud, snow and ice, and floods! Photos by Helen Abbott,

Punchbowl Marathon 2014

After the wettest January on record and with much of low-lying Southern England under water, Helen Abbott and hundreds of others braved the weather for the Punchbowl Marathon. Here is a slideshow of Helen's photos. Enjoy! View slideshow (Right click to open in new tab or window.)

Tour de Trigs 2013

Nick Vanson writes: Well, this year's Tour de Trigs certainly lived up to its reputation as the toughest non-stop cross country navigation exercise in and around North Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire and Northamptonshire. A team made up of three LDWA Thames Valley folk entering under the team name…

The Dorset Doddle 2013

I knew it was going to be a tough walk but far more so than expected and it is a sobering thought that about 10% of the starters did not finish even though this was a well-established route and in mostly very good conditions. There was a bit of a clue when I got on the coach to the start and…

Stonehenge Stomp, 27 January 2013

I entered this because I didn't enter for the Winter Tanners in time due to the number of runners, and it was cancelled anyway. It was well worthwhile with fantastic views and great weather on the day. Helen Abbott

Founders' Footpaths, 28 January 2011

An Anytime Challenge On the "Wander round Woodcote" last autumn I was asking a few people about the Founders' Footpaths Anytime challenge. I am glad to say after putting it off at the time I finally did it on Friday 28th January. I thought my account might interest anyone else planning to do the…

Nick's first 100-mile walk (2007)

MY FIRST HUNDRED AND ….. ….. with only 8 days to go, the nerves have begun to work overtime. I know what I'll do, I'll send Martin Burnell an email saying I didn't make the Marlborough Challenge last weekend as I was too focussed on the upcoming hundred and was still pondering on what…