A new Constitution for the Thames Valley Group was agreed at the AGM on 18th January 2015, and a minor amendment made at 2020's AGM. You can download a copy here.

Join us!

We very much welcome anyone who might be interested in joining our Group and invite you to try us out for a couple of walks. All you have to do is to turn up, but please introduce yourself as a non-member to the leader before the party sets off. If you find that you enjoy the exercise and company we'd be delighted for you to join. To join the Group you must first be a member of the LDWA. More information on LDWA membership can be found here. Once you have joined the LDWA, if you live in the Thames Valley area you will automatically be assigned to our Group and become a member. This will be confirmed by the LDWA. If you live outside our region you will be assigned to whichever is your local group. You can change your 'home' group, or become assigned to more than one group, on the LDWA's website. At present, there is no additional fee for membership of the Thames Valley Group.

Leading walks

After you've been on some of our walks you might decide you'd like to have a go at leading a walk yourself, so we've put together a set of Tips & Hints for New Walk Leaders to help you. Come to think of it, you might like to read them anyway even if you're a regular leader! Click the link. Oh, and not to put you off, but the LDWA at the national level is required by its insurers to ask local groups to complete an Accident Report if something untoward happens on a walk. Download the form here. There is more information for leaders here.


The Thames Valley group is co-ordinated by a committee of elected officers.

Agendas and Minutes

Officers are elected at our Annual General Meeting in January. This year's AGM was held on Sunday 23rd January 2022. The agenda, report and minutes are below, as well as the agenda, reports and minutes for previous years.

Minutes of the LDWA Group Representatives' meeting held in November each year are below.