North York Moors Hundred 2017 - Before and After

North York Moors Afterthought: A tale of two contrasts


St. Aidan's, GillamoorGillamoor, St. Aidan's Church

Gillamoor at duskGillamoor at dusk

Looking across to Spaunton Moor Looking across to Spauntom Moor

Looking across to Spaunton MoorLooking across to Spauntom Moor

There were two very contrasting scenes the evening before the North York Moors Hundred and the afternoon immediately following. The photos to the left were taken at Gillamoor, two miles north of Kirkbymoorside (which the route skirted) late in the evening just before the day of the event. Just beyond its peaceful church is a viewpoint right across to the north of Rosedale to the edge of Spaunton Moor and the rising ground to Blakey Ridge which the route rejoined after Rosedale.


A completely different scene materialised the following Monday. The photos were actually taken only five hours after the event finished, on a trip up to the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge, where the walk joined the road on its way north to what the route description highlighted as a view of the sea! The first photo is also the spot where the background to the event certificate must have been taken, in somewhat more inspiring conditions.

Photos and text by Helen Abbott.




Fat BettyFat Betty (The event cerficiate scene)

High on Blakey RidgeHigh on Blakey Ridge, just S. of the route

On Blakey RidgeOn Blakey Ridge

On the route at Rosedale HeadBack on the route, at Rosedale Head