Oxon 4020 journal

The Oxon 40/20 - 2021 Anytime

The pictures below by Ron Doole are from his completion of the Anytime 40-mile route on 12th April 2021. The pictures below byPeter Salenieks are from his completion of the Anytime 20-mile route on 1st May 2021

The Oxon 40/20 - 2019

Below is a selection of photographs by Helen Abbott

The Oxon 40/20 - 2018

Below is a selection of photographs by Huw Davies

The Oxon 40/20 - 2017

Below is a selection of photographs by Harold Toze and Lynn Garricks

Oxon 40 Marshals' Walk 2015

Six of us set off at 7am on a chilly Spring morning to perform a final check of the route description. As a bonus we found some bluebells already in flower, and finished within the allotted 13 hours after a splendid day's walking, ably shepherded by Ron Doole. Photos by Ron Doole and Helen Abbott

Oxon 40 Marshals' Walk 2014

Photos by Helen Abbott. Anyone else doing the route unsupported might be interested to know that the shop at Hambleden turned out to be open for both our stops there, and there is also a shop and facilities at Lane End

A View of the Oxon 40

Saturday 4th May 04.45. Why on earth is the alarm clock going off; it's still dark for goodness sake? Ah, now I remember - it's the Oxon 40. Let's go back 6 months to early November. I've heard of the LDWA but never knowingly met any members let alone walked with them. On an introductory mid-week…

Oxon 40 Marshals' Walk 2012

15 April 2012. Helen sent two pictures from the early stages of the Marshals' Walk for this year's Oxon 40/20. She took them on the 40-mile route

The Oxon 40/20 - 2010

The 2010 edition was held on Saturday 1 May. We again broke our record for the number of starters – 103 for the 40 and 244 for the 20, totalling 347 and beating last year by precisely three! 92 hardy people finished the 40-mile route, 8 diverted more or less willingly to the shorter 36.5-mile…

The Oxon 40/20 - 2009

2 May 2009 A set of pictures of this event is archived on Flickr. The 2009 Oxon 40/20 took place on 2 May. It was a perfect day for a walk in the Chilterns and we had a record number of starters – 98 for the 40 and 246 for the 20, a total of 344. Underfoot it was dry, overhead it was a…

The Oxon 40/20 - 2008

3 May 2008 We were lucky again with the weather this year. It was sunnier and warmer than forecast – the temperature reached 20C in the early afternoon and in the hazy sunshine it felt quite a bit warmer. It stayed dry all day. The bluebells were at their best, and anyone not seeing several…