Oxon 40/20 Feedback 2017

A selection of comments from entrants after the event:

"I would like to record my special thanks to the organisers and volunteers for putting on this event so successfully. The organisation, including the assembly point, route, administration, check points, the wonderful ladies serving the food and drinks at the check points, the food and drink etc etc - everything was simply first-rate, and must have taken a huge volunteer effort.
"My daughter and I did the route on my 78th birthday (yes I’m a masochist) and it was a wonderful and stimulating day - just about recovered now!.
"Two observations:
  • I thought the Stokenchurch was much preferable to the Henley start/finish for a whole lot of reasons - happy to expand on that if you are interested.
  • I was initially a bit disappointed that you had reduced check points from four to three this year, but in the event I think the change has much merit. Rest points after each 6 1/3 miles was quite adequate - 5 miles was almost too short and the two rest stops were enough. I would be interested to know what others felt. I would not be surprised if average times might have shortened? (Tho I know that’s not the point).

I hope I’ll be up to next year’s event (I’ve been doing it for many years - initially as a runner - not now though).

"Just wanted to say thank you to all involved with the Oxon 40 on Saturday.
I completed it with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed it (especially when we finished).
The organisation appeared flawless from the smiling high viz parking marshals at the start all the way round the course to the finish.
Great route description- very easy to follow and for once my friend and I didn't give ourselves any "bonus" extra miles.
The new HQ was appreciated with lots of space and toilets, check points were well manned and stocked (as a vegetarian I particularly appreciated the cheese and tomato pizza, the tomato and basil tartlets and the cheese and pumpkin biscuits, and that food was labelled to prevent inadvertent meat eating!) Also the lack of plastic cups to reduce plastic waste.
The hills, well there were a lot of them and the warning about it being a tough event was true but the scenery made the uphill slogs more than worth it.
"On Saturday myself (and friends) greatly enjoyed the event.The Stokenchurch location worked very well as there was only minimal suburban walking. We visited villages that would have been too far to reach from Henley. Also the much larger hall made for a comfortable finish with lots of elbow room. As usual very adequate evening meal. BACK NEXT YEAR!
"Thank you for superb organisation, the accurate route description beautiful route and of course, tea and cake.
"Thank you to everyone whose hard work ensured that we had a great day on Saturday. The new venue is good, the route was lovely, the red kites were out in force and the bluebells got themselves out just in time to put on the usual show.
"A very enjoyable day and nothing like a triple whammy of hills to help tired legs right at the end! They were very accurately described as 'nose to the ground' ascents! Good training for those doing the 100 and the final straw for those who decided to do the full 40 after the Welly Boot last weekend!! Some of us never learn!