Walk start points in grid reference order

Updated 29Nov2021 - Expanded Ewelme entry

The table below shows the grid references for the start points of the walks we have organised, in order of grid reference.

The latitude and longitude for the actual start is shown for each point, bearing in mind that the grid reference addresses the bottom left (SW) corner of a 100-metre square, and so is not usually precise.

The what3words column is an alternative to the latitude and longitude, and refers to the system described at https://what3words.com which divides the earth into 3-metre squares and assigns each square a unique 3-word combination (e.g. walk.boot.lace, which is in Surrey); this is easier to remember than the latitude and longitude, and much more precise than a postcode. If you make a slight error with the words, e.g. walking.boot.lace, it should be obvious - the latter is in China. If you have a Smartphone you can use the what3words application to convert the words into something you can use with any of the navigation app(s) on the phone.

The link to Google Maps opens in a new tab and shows the position given by the latitude and longitude.

Please notify any errors/omissions to the Webmaster.

Grid Ref Latitude,Longitude what3words Google Maps Place
SP353079 51.769261,-1.4884356 calls.boot.foal Map Ducklington: village green at Witney Road/Curbridge Road
SP358074 51.764333,-1.483583 wishes.topic.impose Map Ducklington: CP in Aston Road
SP358196 51.873800,-1.481230 odds.pollution.dabbled Map Charlbury: Spendlove Centre
SP386129 51.813632,-1.441362 reference.slamming.until Map North Leigh, near Witney
SP394172 51.851596,-1.430550 inclined.remembers.testing Map Stonesfield: Post Office
SP439090 51.778039,-1.3642967 breaches.fights.strict Map Eynsham: Wharf Road (next to Talbot Inn)
SP447168 51.847796,-1.351942 prank.gashes.imprinted Map Woodstock: Hensington Road CP
SP452061 51.751404,-1.345854 dizziness.dollar.prelude Map Farmoor Reservoir CP
SP487094 51.781723,-1.295035 bumps.pile.second Map Wolvercote: Godstow Road CP; height 2.2m
SP489097 51.783739,-1.292715 liner.packet.caves Map Wolvercote: Village Green
SP491138 51.821159,-1.288002 bricks.landlady.tall Map Kidlington: Exeter Hall, A4260
SP494054 51.745448,-1.285486 league.varieties.chair Map North Hinksey: opposite Diocesan House
SP499487 52.134687,-1.2720712 torso.inflame.plodded Map Chipping Warden: roadside parking in Mill Lane
SP505063 51.753237,-1.269574 palms.powder.prefer Map Oxford: station concourse
SP525045 51.736786,-1.240465 rank.visits.vast Map Oxford: Meadow Lane CP; height 2.2m
SP531186 51.863721,-1.2292128 rocky.tumblers.happier Map Weston-on-the-Green: Village Hall, Mill Lane
SP563063 51.751753,-1.184139 maker.score.prove Map Oxford: Shotover Hill CP
SP566072 51.762598,-1.181856 chart.loft.solved Map Oxford: Thornhill Park & Ride
SP611117 51.800694,-1.114992 clashing.porridge.smug Map Oakley Wood CP
SP612116 51.800310,-1.114045 graph.crew.envy Map Bernwood Forest Forestry Commission CP
SP653142 51.821990,-1.054232 clockwork.thankful.braked Map Brill: Windmill
SP656138 51.818970,-1.048978 salon.willing.scrolled Map Brill: The Green
SP686018 51.710771,-1.007061 liquid.protrude.forest Map Tetsworth Common
SP707058 51.746319,-0.976000 impact.camcorder.credit Map Thame: Upper High Street CP
SP708060 51.748547,-0.976218 snacking.honey.radically Map Thame: North Street CP
SP747201 51.874954,-0.916856 define.juggles.hint Map Quainton: Green below windmill
SP749168 51.845433,-0.913978 cool.trains.warned Map Waddesdon: layby on A41
SP757010 51.702802,-0.905354 passports.comic.resonates Map Chinnor: Village centre
SP766004 51.694704,-0.892864 shot.cadet.wimp Map Chinnor: CP at end of Hill Top Lane
SP771277 51.942808,-0.880607 elections.risking.register Map Winslow: Greyhound Lane CP
SP780126 51.806695,-0.868565 vent.cable.salads Map Stone, near Aylesbury
SP783122 51.803326,-0.864586 yours.flood.soak Map Stone, near Aylesbury: Church Way
SP786036 51.726008,-0.863888 demand.cattle.prouder Map Longwick: CP south of railway bridge on B4009
SP788051 51.738904,-0.860559 client.armrests.goofy Map Longwick: A4129 cross-roads
SP793141 51.820547,-0.849902 margin.scar.rising Map Aylesbury: Haydon Mill CP, Rabans Lane
SP805034 51.723986,-0.835154 midwinter.cases.testing Map Princes Risborough: "The Mount" CP, Stratton Road
SP818007 51.699247,-0.817382 estimated.tuned.valve Map Loosley Row: Pink Road near "Whip Inn" PH
SP823036 51.725072,-0.809306 outwit.reunion.spans Map Princes Risborough: Whiteleaf Cross CP
SP825058 51.744805,-0.806008 exist.football.flamenco Map Great Kimble: A4010 layby
SP828009 51.709807,-0.804632 shut.warriors.lecturing Map Lacey Green: "Pink & Lily" PH
SP833046 51.733864,-0.795558 seasons.skimmers.spice Map Lower Cadsden: Roadside CP, Longdown Hill
SP845015 51.705324,-0.776904 kidney.hopeless.mildest Map Great Hampden: Memorial Road
SP848315 51.975026,-0.765465 minus.hoping.hint Map Newton Longville: Village Hall
SP850088 51.771284,-0.76945200 total.downward.duos Map Wendover: Nash Lee Lane (western end of cul-de-sac off B4009)
SP851062 51.748136,-0.767932 rewriting.verge.hormones Map Wendover: Coombe Hill CP, Lodge Hill
SP865077 51.761790,-0.74719657 crowds.outlawing.rezoning Map Wendover: Railway station
SP868078 51.761930,-0.742974 ombudsman.strongman.drums Map Wendover: Library CP
SP869081 51.765753,-0.741103 clattered.transmitted.plantings Map Wendover: Wharf Road, near canal
SP872008 51.699748,-0.739081 emerald.transmit.bulletins Map Prestwood: CP off A4128 (High Street)
SP895015 51.704696,-0.706614 goal.jacuzzi.incur Map Great Missenden: CP on north side of Link Road
SP897084 51.766483,-0.699691 locate.report.masterpiece Map Wendover Woods: Secondary CP
SP912031 51.719627,-0.681343 alleyway.freely.eager Map Ballinger: Playing fields CP off Blackthorne Lane
SP922114 51.793343,-0.66377632 thudded.degrading.twitches Map Tring: Old School Yard CP, High Street (free on Sunday)
SP924116 51.794223,-0.659501 widely.dodging.clinic Map Tring: Dolphin Square CP. Not free
SP925115 51.794465,-0.659347 remains.arrival.parading Map Tring: Market Place CP. Not free
SP930004 51.694183,-0.655345 pretty.friend.mess Map Hyde Heath: Common opposite "Plough" PH
SP955149 51.824904,-0.615668 cashier.gobbling.coaster Map Ivinghoe: CP on Stocks Road off B488
SP958013 51.702922,-0.614668 woke.river.quick Map Chesham: Water Meadow CP, St Mary's Way
SP960015 51.705735,-0.610827 future.under.pest Map Chesham: Station CP
SP964159 51.834293,-0.603805 candidate.paddocks.inserted Map Ivinghoe Beacon CP
SP964983 51.674308,-0.605707 noses.pinch.kinks Map Amersham: Station
SP971130 51.807484,-0.592575 losses.imitate.meaty Map Ashridge: Bridgewater Monument CP
SP986075 51.758404,-0.572947 showrooms.irritate.succumbs Map Berkhamsted: Junction of Anglefield Road & North Road
SP990082 51.763266,-0.565885 sourced.delighted.mixing Map Berkhamsted: Canal Fields CP, Broadwater
SP993017 51.707144,-0.567320 names.second.boom Map Chesham: Leyhill Common
SP997082 51.763293,-0.557164 probing.heartburn.imprints Map Berkhamsted: New Road
SU265756 51.479228,-1.619976 shock.darts.stews Map Aldbourne: Duck pond at the end of Oxford Street
SU284823 51.538888,-1.592053 deposits.joints.feel Map Lambourn: Ashdown House NT CP
SU293866 51.577655,-1.579036 buckets.brick.boils Map Uffington Castle: Whitehorse Hill CP; free only for NT members
SU325788 51.507407,-1.532237 coil.dime.intensely Map Lambourn: CP just off the High Street
SU337685 51.414023,-1.515362 agreeing.implanted.animated Map Hungerford: Church Street CP
SU343851 51.563672,-1.505534 proved.innocence.reverses Map Lambourn: CP at Sparsholt Firs, on B4001
SU346680 51.410368,-1.504847 vocal.cheer.lyrics Map Hungerford: Threeways CP, end of Park Street
SU370620 51.356427,-1.4699069 patting.hindered.chills Map Walbury Hill West CP (Combe Gibbet end), SW of Newbury
SU380616 51.351859,-1.455386 leans.oils.solutions Map Walbury Hill CP, SW of Newbury
SU385672 51.402361,-1.446360 same.fists.stability Map Kintbury: Canal-side CP
SU418841 51.554337,-1.398489 overjoyed.handyman.spires Map Ridgeway: Yew Down CP, B4494
SU428881 51.589651,-1.384476 tonic.contained.poet Map Ardington: Home Farm, School Road
SU458850 51.562135,-1.340396 renews.spacing.loafing Map Ridgeway: Fore Down CP
SU462690 51.418733,-1.3368371 marinated.strictest.language Map Donnington: Castle CP
SU463576 51.315937,-1.336416 nutrients.prepped.occur Map Burghclere: Beacon Hill CP off A34
SU464710 51.436240,-1.333809 crank.frowns.thumps Map Snelsmore Common Country Park
SU476744 51.463658,-1.316501 query.possible.boarded Map Chieveley: Village Hall
SU479840 51.553241,-1.309676 station.choice.incursion Map Ridgeway: Bury Down CP near West Ilsley
SU493810 51.526417,-1.289265 convey.cured.coughed Map East Ilsley: Haydon Lane
SU499651 51.383850,-1.284804 fried.stow.bump Map Greenham Common CP
SU507671 51.400547,-1.273288 survey.manliness.pads Map Thatcham: Nature Discovery Centre, Muddy Lane, Lower Way
SU508949 51.651079,-1.2661535 spike.sheep.logs Map Culham: Lock CP, Tollgate Road
SU515983 51.681475,-1.2563963 tower.unique.names Map Radley: Barrow Hills CP, Audlett Drive; height 2.1m
SU516565 51.305401,-1.261220 custodian.flopping.delved Map Kingsclere: White Hill CP, B3501
SU525586 51.324288,-1.246325 golden.dreams.sleeping Map Kingsclere: Anchor Road CP, opposite church
SU525855 51.566489,-1.243007 improving.overpaid.essay Map Blewbury: Recreation ground CP, Boham's Road
SU526763 51.482996,-1.242381 evening.sinkhole.silent Map Hampstead Norreys: Village Hall CP, Newbury Hill
SU526989 51.686335,-1.241466 boxer.machine.broadcast Map Radley: Station bus stop
SU530586 51.324794,-1.242006 identity.card.cosmic Map Kingsclere: Basingstoke Road
SU551645 51.377113,-1.208915 prevented.debating.wordplay Map Brimpton: Village Hall
SU552745 51.466650,-1.206697 scrubbing.uptown.breezy Map Yattendon: Yattendon Lane CP
SU556691 51.418344,-1.201010 magpie.pound.tiredness Map Bucklebury: Lower Common western CP; height 2.1m
SU560692 51.419736,-1.195520 trump.continues.trucked Map Bucklebury: Lower Common eastern CP; height 2.1m
SU567812 51.527245,-1.183605 geology.waltzed.mixer Map Streatley: CP near Post Box Cottage, Rectory Road
SU567924 51.627372,-1.181715 feel.drifters.retain Map Dorchester-on-Thames: Wittenham Clumps CP
SU572664 51.394051,-1.178431 wages.marsh.decompose Map Woolhampton: CP by "Rowbarge" PH
SU572666 51.396119,-1.177825 mountains.behaving.jugs Map Woolhampton: Midgham Station
SU579940 51.642228,-1.164807 nagging.stuns.removable Map Dorchester-on-Thames: Bridge End CP
SU579942 51.643628,-1.164642 gashes.inert.timed Map Dorchester-on-Thames: Main (south) door of Dorchester Abbey
SU583806 51.521749,-1.1612611 campsites.cube.trickle Map Streatley: CP at top of hill by Lardon Chase
SU590838 51.550556,-1.150000 sprouted.hopping.sport Map Moulsford: Recreation Ground (on A329)
SU596773 51.492280,-1.142015 privately.deprives.blasted Map Upper Basildon: Village Hall
SU598836 51.548270,-1.1384717 skim.pillows.clashing Map South Stoke: on road near church
SU599806 51.521453,-1.136848 establish.amends.volunteered Map Goring-on-Thames: Wheel Orchard CP behind PH, Station Road. Charges apply even on Sunday
SU601800 51.516251,-1.1352450 enthused.affords.eggplants Map Goring-on-Thames: Manor Road
SU602806 51.521510,-1.133165 dynamics.advancing.ideals Map Goring-on-Thames: Station
SU604804 51.520090,-1.130670 dozens.dividing.clan Map Goring-on-Thames: Sheepcot recreation ground, Gatehampton Road
SU605726 51.449182,-1.130821 waltz.airtime.groom Map Bradfield: Ashampstead Road
SU608891 51.598944,-1.123663 lasts.providing.itself Map Wallingford: Cattlemarket free CP, Wood Street
SU611894 51.600137,-1.117768 wolf.plunger.clattered Map Wallingford: Bridge CP
SU615915 51.618973,-1.1130951 flickers.incomes.shares Map Benson: St Helen's Avenue
SU616917 51.620839,-1.106499 luckier.twitches.padlock Map Benson: Village CP, Mill Stream, behind shops
SU619648 51.378839,-1.111434 gossiped.candidate.depending Map Padworth Common CP
SU626622 51.355150,-1.102132 outfitter.functions.pursuing Map Silchester: Pamber Road Recreation Ground
SU631838 51.549949,-1.092115 crinkled.similar.burst Map Woodcote: Layby on A4074
SU633767 51.485595,-1.090906 message.genius.clear Map Pangbourne: Station
SU634737 51.460190,-1.089734 icebergs.sponsors.piglets Map Tidmarsh: Moor Copse nature reserve c.p. (Withy Eyot) on A340
SU634765 51.484232,-1.088348 credit.flippers.bouncing Map Pangbourne: Village Hall CP
SU635628 51.361606,-1.0890251 lurching.giants.letters Map Silchester: Roman Town CP in Wall Lane; height 1.8m
SU635771 51.489538,-1.086333 them.thumbnail.awakening Map Whitchurch: High Street, opposite Eastfield Lane
SU636766 51.485443,-1.084270 chat.retaliate.cabbages Map Pangbourne: Recreation ground, Thames Avenue
SU636767 51.485729,-1.085986 crinkled.deploying.jumbled Map Pangbourne: B471 south of bridge
SU636968 51.666382,-1.081082 horn.guard.inventors Map Chalgrove: CP at The Green (off High Street at "The Crown" PH)
SU637789 51.505554,-1.083391 internet.downfield.decreased Map Whitchurch: St John Baptist church
SU638787 51.504165,-1.0817416 mush.revisits.jams Map Whitchurch Hill: Layby next to recreation ground, Goring Heath Road
SU645714 51.438273,-1.0725577 voted.honest.shot Map Theale: long-term CP, High Street; height restriction
SU645820 51.533954,-1.070715 flight.skinning.mentions Map Woodcote: Village Hall
SU648912 51.615795,-1.065210 mascot.warms.overdrive Map Ewelme: Cow Common CP, at junction of High Street and Parson's Lane
SU655760 51.479883,-1.056425 hurls.axed.extend Map Purley: Goosecroft Lane Recreation Ground
SU664830 51.542312,-1.043677 alternate.flops.films Map Checkendon: Uxmore Road
SU668873 51.581129,-1.0373198 cowering.sheep.pose Map Nuffield Church
SU672880 51.586934,-1.032742 spoil.ounce.ooze Map Nettlebed: Layby on north side of A4130, Gangsdown Hill
SU673642 51.372463,-1.035456 bulb.fittingly.mattress Map Mortimer: Station
SU679841 51.551236,-1.021330 dignitary.flattens.fines Map Stoke Row: Maharaja's Well
SU691728 51.450111,-1.003956 composers.groom.empire Map Reading: Prospect Park CP
SU691944 51.644579,-1.003595 strutting.rubble.sofa Map Watlington: Town CP
SU691948 51.648440,-1.000933 yield.chat.lingering Map Watlington: Recreation Ground CP
SU692772 51.490216,-1.004941 sizes.title.skills Map Caversham Heath Golf Club
SU696902 51.606078,-0.996767 handfuls.prime.handbag Map Cookley Green: behind bus shelter
SU698758 51.477878,-0.995073 tidy.behave.scenes Map Mapledurham: Playing fields, off A4074
SU700776 51.493011,-0.992763 layers.hood.device Map Tokers Green: East end of Rokeby Drive
SU702868 51.575611,-0.988582 faster.youths.soup Map Nettlebed: "The Green" - road near the bus shelter
SU706746 51.464769,-0.984236 stores.mash.complains Map Reading: Rivermead Leisure Centre, Richfield Avenue
SU707802 51.515949,-0.979991 birds.deputy.storming Map Sonning Common: Health Centre CP, Wood Lane
SU707868 51.575758,-0.977325 founders.culminate.chestnuts Map Nettlebed: Crocker End
SU709818 51.531258,-0.978867 march.every.competing Map Rotherfield Peppard: Side road opposite "Red Lion" PH
SU709935 51.636404,-0.975629 farms.polar.landings Map Christmas Common: Watlington Hill CP, Hill Road. Not free
SU713888 51.594410,-0.97149745 waking.daytime.join Map Russell’s Water Common just east of the pub
SU715739 51.460061,-0.971809 goals.animal.policy Map Reading: North side of station
SU715973 51.670498,-0.965841 famous.furniture.saints Map Lewknor: Layby off M40 J6, near stop for London/Oxford buses
SU718741 51.462469,-0.966779 arch.posed.shins Map Reading: CP north of Reading Bridge
SU720879 51.585030,-0.961708 warnings.loosed.elders Map Warburg Nature Reserve CP
SU720887 51.592988,-0.962041 shadowed.scariest.factory Map Maidensgrove: between the 30mph signs on the Common
SU724899 51.603777,-0.954998 pancakes.hurtles.fetch Map Pishill: "The Crown" PH
SU725768 51.484981,-0.95630407 stream.secret.drama Map Reading: Clayfield Copse Recreation Ground, Caversham Park; next to tennis club
SU725956 51.654658,-0.952663 deliver.selection.equity Map Cowleaze Wood CP; height 2m
SU726651 51.379486,-0.957299 pumps.flying.donor Map Swallowfield: Village Hall
SU726958 51.656703,-0.950773 duties.resorting.sandbags Map Cowleaze Wood CP (North end); height 2m
SU728851 51.560786,-0.950965 boards.mildest.instructs Map Bix: Church
SU728853 51.561615,-0.951229 encoded.skirting.wonderfully Map Bix: Village Hall
SU732966 51.663423,-0.94306444 encloses.consults.inkjet Map Aston Rowant Nature Reserve. Not free
SU739856 51.565405,-0.935283 suiting.nosedive.racked Map Middle Assendon: Layby near "Rainbow" PH
SU742693 51.417746,-0.933356 closed.ties.translated Map Shinfield: NE end of Cutbush Lane
SU747517 51.260119,-0.930697 spirits.reservoir.knocking Map Odiham: Canal-side CP
SU751759 51.477981,-0.920419 period.admits.debate Map Sonning Eye: Road near Reading Sailing Club, off B478
SU751938 51.638571,-0.915945 safety.flamingo.take Map Ibstone Common
SU753898 51.602057,-0.915283 statement.played.caked Map Southend Common
SU755753 51.472628,-0.912839 reacting.deposits.detriment Map Sonning-on-Thames: Roadside parking in Sonning Lane
SU756829 51.540598,-0.911250 outdone.introduce.music Map Henley-on-Thames: Hop Gardens
SU756963 51.6612,-0.907928 launch.pounce.bombshell Map Stokenchurch: Medical Centre
SU759828 51.539735,-0.906893 meanwhile.alas.latitudes Map Henley-on-Thames: King's Road CP
SU760963 51.660251,-0.901865 lengthen.sample.disgraced Map Stokenchurch: CP next to King's Hotel, Oxford Road
SU766815 51.527212,-0.898093 winds.cakewalk.pulsing Map Henley-on-Thames: YMCA Sports Pavilion, Noble Road
SU767816 51.528254,-0.895862 decay.beanbag.upstarts Map Henley-on-Thames: Newtown Road
SU770817 51.528779,-0.890770 drawn.welcome.driven Map Henley-on-Thames: Mill Lane CP
SU772695 51.419914,-0.889900 tanks.humble.sounds Map Sindlesham: Pulse 8/Nirvana Spa CP, Mole Road
SU777753 51.471201,-0.882843 toggle.pokes.tastier Map Charvil: East Park Farm CP, Park Lane
SU779609 51.342112,-0.881733 ruffle.relatives.flats Map Eversley: Church CP
SU783927 51.628360,-0.870367 shorter.variety.daydream Map Cadmore End: road opposite school
SU783954 51.651940,-0.868327 sing.northward.bookshop Map Studley Green: Garden Centre
SU785855 51.562567,-0.868386 waggled.version.masterpiece Map Hambleden: Mill End CP; now pay and display
SU785865 51.571821,-0.866528 curvy.rave.repaying Map Hambleden: CP behind "Stag & Huntsman" PH; now pay and display
SU807918 51.619188,-0.836004 clustered.fries.pulp Map Lane End: CP by the traffic lights
SU808942 51.641570,-0.834155 shameless.fidgeted.invest Map Piddington: Near "Dashwood Arms" PH
SU812635 51.364703,-0.833237 smug.signal.deeper Map Crowthorne: Simon's Wood CP, Wellingtonia Avenue; height 1.9m
SU813981 51.675066,-0.824623 names.diverged.gateway Map Saunderton: Station CP
SU814941 51.639895,-0.825441 laser.export.goad Map Piddington: Old Oxford Road parallel to A40
SU822794 51.507744,-0.816417 remedy.prefect.appeal Map Knowl Hill: Layby on A4
SU823637 51.367044,-0.818836 penny.adding.cape Map Crowthorne: Station CP
SU823990 51.683740,-0.810960 resonates.zoned.coast Map Saunderton: CP in Smalldean Lane
SU825840 51.548988,-0.810701 silently.scale.badminton Map Hurley: Village CP
SU826947 51.645456,-0.806908 pipes.fame.dime Map West Wycombe: Chorley Road CP; now pay and display
SU827951 51.648623,-0.806097 frame.party.driven Map West Wycombe: NT CP at the top of the hill by St Lawrence’s church
SU828970 51.665616,-0.804429 themes.yoga.tolls Map Bradenham Manor
SU828972 51.667217,-0.804153 koala.cosmic.passenger Map Bradenham: CP at NW corner of village green
SU838630 51.360289,-0.798365 gear.points.mice Map Crowthorne: Wildmoor Heath CP
SU854815 51.526098,-0.76922402 upset.issue.prefect Map Maidenhead: Pinkney's Green CP, Pinkneys Drive
SU858861 51.569063,-0.762328 fuels.inferior.attic Map Marlow: Gossmore Lane Recreation Ground CP
SU859803 51.515413,-0.76247424 cars.rinse.dozens Map Maidenhead: Cannon Lane, off mini roundabout just south of A404M
SU861843 51.545991,-0.757709 dumpling.tokens.moisture Map Cookhamdean Common: Layby in Winter Hill Road
SU865955 51.651828,-0.750882 pints.loose.take Map Hughenden Manor CP
SU871928 51.627210,-0.743466 smoke.cubs.popped Map High Wycombe: Railway Place CP (£1 for Sunday)
SU877981 51.675073,-0.733453 bronzer.cherished.nuns Map Great Kingshill: CP on The Common
SU878790 51.503707,-0.736264 trades.trades.nuns Map Maidenhead: Ockwells Park CP, Cox Green; height 2.1m
SU887807 51.518789,-0.722463 enjoyable.monks.lifted Map Maidenhead: Station main entrance
SU892798 51.511019,-0.716391 vision.puns.humid Map Maidenhead: Braywick Sports Centre CP
SU892853 51.559856,-0.714071 charging.typed.frantic Map Cookham: NT CP; free only for NT members
SU896329 51.088629,-0.719280 flamingo.pinch.dreading Map Haslemere (Surrey): Station
SU898934 51.632663,-0.703921 commended.cycle.essays Map Tylers Green: Kingswood Cemetery CP, Cock Lane
SU911877 51.581729,-0.687512 frogs.store.cotton Map Wooburn: Recreation ground CP, Wash Hill
SU923959 51.654355,-0.666910 yard.amazed.relatives Map Penn Street: roadside parking near the war memorial
SU932922 51.621668,-0.654939 awake.booth.sorters Map Forty Green: Forty Green Road beside cricket ground
SU937777 51.491092,-0.650791 herb.sadly.worry Map Boveney: Ramblers CP, Boveney Rd (just off Dorney Common)
SU947727 51.445374,-0.638027 tiger.before.stiff Map Windsor Great Park: Cranbourne Gate CP on A332
SU947979 51.671764,-0.631732 friday.issued.comical Map Amersham: Shardeloes Road, off A413
SU954723 51.442203,-0.628407 backed.resist.dizzy Map Windsor Great Park: Post Office and Stores
SU957754 51.470216,-0.622543 luck.press.upper Map Windsor: parking area beside Windsor Football Club pitch, St Leonards Road
SU957850 51.556317,-0.62235638 sulk.saves.common Map Slough: Burnham Beeches CP, Lord Mayors Drive. Charges apply every day, not just Sunday
SU961973 51.665681,-0.611303 bottle.garage.trash Map Amersham: Tesco's CP
SU961992 51.683849,-0.610284 bared.boat.elite Map Chesham Bois Common
SU962747 51.463230,-0.615852 dads.worth.rivers Map Windsor Great Park: CP on A332 near Queen Anne's Gate
SU964655 51.380095,-0.61552137 gains.issued.idea Map Chobham Common: Chobham Road, Monument CP
SU968939 51.635645,-0.602263 total.shack.places Map Chalfont St Giles: Hodgemoor Woods CP, Botterells Lane; height 1.97m
SU972440 51.187422,-0.610470 spine.jumped.swift Map Godalming: Council Offices CP
SU973648 51.374501,-0.602267 phones.plan.twin Map Chobham Common: Staple Hill CP; height 2m
SU979721 51.440241,-0.592554 joined.figure.medium Map Englefield Green: Bishopsgate Road
SU987769 51.482777,-0.579882 stick.logo.oath Map Datchet: Station CP
SU991936 51.632940,-0.569710 issues.pitch.monkey Map Chalfont St Giles: High Street CP
SU999857 51.561568,-0.560697 total.tapes.boring Map Fulmer: Hay Lane (near church)
TL005093 51.773118,-0.544938 starring.washable.rhino Map Potten End: War Memorial, New Road
TL018090 51.768682,-0.527518 grace.under.until Map Potten End: The Green
TL021063 51.745630,-0.520945 legal.tube.gift Map Hemel Hempstead: Bourne End Lane
TL035304 51.962358,-0.495878 flexibly.duplicate.holiday Map Harlington: Station
TL045015 51.703281,-0.490052 awards.skin.toast Map Chipperfield Common CP
TL073028 51.714387,-0.44874161 strict.this.urban Map Kings Langley: The Nap CP
TQ000908 51.608048,-0.557538 down.twice.dive Map Chalfont St Peter: Church CP
TQ028591 51.322056,-0.525048 dates.flames.loans Map Woking: CP in Pyrford Common Road near Old Woking Road; height 1.9m
TQ033967 51.659488,-0.506521 logic.count.notice Map Chorleywood Common CP, west of Cricket Club; height 2.1m
TQ035965 51.658841,-0.50413660 faster.dirt.cling Map Chorleywood Common CP, near school
TQ042993 51.683043,-0.493209 extra.rope.sharp Map Sarratt: Post Office Store
TQ042994 51.683898,-0.493757 rise.lasted.achieving Map Sarratt: West side of village green
TQ044492 51.232903,-0.505684 light.suffice.bugs Map Guildford: Newlands Corner, Shere Road (A25)
TQ073479 51.220663,-0.464926 salt.lists.fades Map Shere: Recreation Ground
TQ080896 51.594968,-0.44228810 quite.memory.loans Map Ruislip: Ducks Hill CP, Ruislip Woods; height restriction 1.98m
TQ086891 51.591448,-0.433045 tops.join.labels Map Ruislip: Lido CP. Not free
TQ303781 51.486966,-0.123533 play.grab.lies Map London: Vauxhall, on Thames embankment in front of MI6 building