About the Journal

Please see our Flickr albums for sets of photos originally posted in 2011 and earlier.

Members are invited to send their articles, thoughts and jottings to the website for inclusion in the Journal.

Email your contributions for the Journal to tv.web@ldwa.org.uk. You can send articles, photos, whatever you like. All we ask is that you take a quick look at the guidelines below before you first send something:


Articles can be any length - a couple of paragraphs, a short piece or a full-length article. Please send them as email attachments using the link above. The file format should be MS Word (.docx or .doc), rich text (.rtf) or plain text (.txt). Any pictures to go with your article will make it more attractive and interesting so send them along too, either as separate files (see below for more on sending pictures) or bundled into a .zip file. We'll edit your article to correct any errors that may have crept in, but if we think it needs any significant changes we'll check with you before putting it on the website. We won't publish anything that contains personal abuse, bad language, offensive, improper, indecent or illegal content. Nor will we normally publish any advertising or other commercial content (though things like personal recommendations for accommodation in areas of interest to members are OK).


Although we can scan prints, we much prefer to get digital photos by email. Photos should preferably be in jpeg (.jpg) format, although we can handle most other common formats. If you have only prints please contact us for a mailing address, then send them to us with a stamped addressed envelope so we can return them (at your own risk). Don't worry about scaling the pictures - we can sort that out. If you do want to reduce the size of your pictures, though, please aim for the longer side being around 800 pixels if that's possible. If your pictures are already smaller than this that's OK too. We greatly welcome a brief title or caption for every picture - it adds a lot of interest. And don't forget to give your name as you want it to appear on the page.