Nuffield church car park

Nuffield church car park

Thames Valley LDWA

The email below was sent to local walking groups recently, so we need to be aware of it if using the car park for our walks.


Dear Walk organiser
We believe that you may already have taken advantage of the facility that we offer in Nuffield to use our Church carpark when it is not in use for its primary purpose as parking for churchgoers.  We are happy to be able to help in this way and hope that this has been a blessing to you. We wish to bring to your attention several points in order that this facility may continue for our mutual benefit.
On more than one occasion there have been several organised walks planned for the same day, resulting in a crowded car park and cars parked along the verges outside neighbouring properties.  This not only damages the verges but also creates potential hazards of visibility and vehicle manoeuvring on a single track lane.
Please will you contact us with proposed dates and approximate numbers of cars prior to advertising organised walks so that we can avoid this kind of disruption? It will also help to ensure that there is no clash of dates with church activities when the car park will not be open for public use.
We are very grateful to those users of the car park who make a donation for each use. Sadly, we are aware that many people take advantage of the use of the car park without making any donation towards its upkeep and that of the church.  As a small rural church we are reliant on donations from our members and visitors, whom we welcome, to remain open.  If the church were to be closed, so too would the car park.
Please will you remind your walkers from each car to make a donation via one of the 3 options offered: the QR code in the car park, the donations box and the card tapping Goodbox in the church?
Please share this email with other walking groups, of whom you are aware, who use the carpark.
Thank you for your help with these matters.  We look forward to continuing to work

With you to our mutual benefit.

Best wishes
Catherine Erbetta, Nuffield Church PCC 



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