The year ahead for Thames Valley LDWA

The year ahead for Thames Valley LDWA

Thames Valley LDWA

Thames Valley LDWA Members

Following our meeting in February the committee would like to tell you about the events and activities that we will be working on for the group in 2024.

These are, in order of priority:

1. Thames Valley social walk programme.

We aim to provide:

  • 40 x Sunday A walks (circa 20 miles)
  • 20 x Sunday B walks (circa 15 miles)
  • 12 x Wednesday walks (circa 15 miles)

To deliver these walks we will need the continued support of our experienced leaders and some new leaders to spread the effort.

It should be noted that a number of our experienced leaders are currently injured in various ways and this will impact the availability of walks. Please think about stepping up to lead a walk.

2. Marlow Donkey.

The Marlow Donkey is the group's challenge event for 2024, starting in Marlow on Sunday 29th September.
This challenge event raises awareness and showcases our group whilst earning funds to support other group activities.

3. Christmas Party.

The hall has been booked at Lane End for Sunday 8th December.
There will be A & B walk sin the morning followed by the usual festive food and fun!!
The party is subsidised by the group but a small contribution will be requested at time of booking. A contribution is not required from those members who have helped with the organisation or have provided some of the festive food.

4. Church / Tea room walks.

There will be a series of 3/4 walks from Spring to Autumn which will offer A & B walk options starting at the same point and including refreshments during or at the finish of the walks.
The refreshments will be paid for from group funds.

5. AGM January 2025

The AGM will be held on 26th January at Lane End.
The hall has been booked.

6. Walk Leaders WhatsApp group.

Graham has set up a WhatsApp group for Thames Valley walk leaders, the purpose of which is to provide a quick method of communication: leaders exchanging information on routes / path restrictions / obstacles etc.
We will also use it to request a replacement leader if available to avoid a walk cancellation.

We are in discussion and would welcome your thoughts on the introduction of a mentor / buddy system, whereby an experienced leader offers help and support to any member of the group who would like to lead a walk.

The committee is busy planning, booking and facilitating all these activities for the benefit of our group. During the year we will need help from members, so please give some thought to how you might contribute.

Thank you,

Your Committee:
Duncan, Graham, Sarah, Gerry, Allison, Andrew, Anuska.

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