Notification of the 2024 AGM

Notice of LDWA London Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2024

The 2024 AGM will be held on Wednesday 21st February 2024. The room will be available from 18.00 and we will start the meeting at 18.30. 

The venue is at the Meeting Room, Crown Court Church, Russell St, London WC2B 5EZ.  Although the official address is given as Russell Street, the entrance is, in fact from Crown Court which is part of a small web of passageways between the Royal Opera House and the Fortune Theatre.  The easiest way to find it is to walk north east up Russell Street.  When you reach the Fortune Theatre, turn left into Crown Court and the church is a few metres up on the left.  The second door has a bell push on it which you should use.  We will be meeting in the large basement room where there are tea and coffee making facilities.(and a grand piano!)

The nearest tube stations are Covent Garden and Holborn

You should bear in mind that this is a Scottish Presbyterian Church and it will cause a big fuss if we are caught drinking alcohol down there.  I would not put it past the Minister to make an impromptu visit so please respect these rules.  After the meeting we will make our way to one of the many nearby pubs for a proper drink and a chat.   

Please find attached the agenda for this AGM. A further version of this will be circulated shortly with all the advertised documents included.

Nominations for committee posts falling vacant (Secretary, Walks Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Social Secretary and Founders’ Challenge Organiser) need to be with the secretary by Tuesday, 6th February, 2024.   Nominations need to have a proposer and seconder, both of whom are members of London LDWA group.

The document detailing what each of these roles entail is once again attached. Please send nominations to

Committee posts up for election:

Secretary  to consult with other committee members as to the dates of committee meetings.  To remind members of upcoming meetings and to circulate an agenda, draft minutes for each such meeting together with supporting documents.  To prepare each agenda. To record the minutes of each meeting. With the Chair, to ensure follow up on strategies agreed in each meeting. To arrange the Annual General Meeting and issue appropriate papers and notices.

Newsletter Editor To prepare a brief weekly newsletter that advertises the group activities in the coming week, and activities organized by other groups that would be of interest to our members.  The newsletter also reflects on recent group activities or those of members and on items of mutual interest. To circulate this to all members.

Social Secretary to organize additional activities for group members with an emphasis on socializing or weekends away for two or more days of walking in a particular area.

Founders’ Challenge Organiser To plan and run the annual Founders’ Challenge event. To prepare a budget and submit this to the Committee. To recruit the necessary volunteers to run the event, to organize the necessary venues for the start and finish of the event and the checkpoints.  To source the necessary materials to run the event.  To report to the Committee after the event.

Walks Secretary - to liaise with walk leaders and in conjunction with them to organize a programme of walks for members of the group.  In conjunction with the webmaster and the newsletter editor, to advertise that programme.


London LDWA -


18:00 for 18:30 Wednesday 21st February 2024 at The Meeting Room, Crown Court Church, Russell St, London WC2B 5EZ (Please register with the Secretary if you wish to attend


  1. Special Business (requires 75% vote of approval)

    Consideration of Proposed Updated London Group Constitution (see Draft_London_LDWA_Constitution_Feb_24.pdf).  The NEC has proposed a new model constitution for local groups.  Your committee has carefully considered this. We have transposed the NEC’s amendments into our original London Group Constitution and the resulting changes are shown in red. Your committee considers these changes helpful and recommends them to the membership.

  2. Ordinary Business
  1. Minutes and Matters Arising from 2023 AGM (see Final_Draft_Minutes_of_LDWA_London_Group_AGM_2023.pdf)
  2. Treasurer’s report and accounts (see LDWA_London_Group_Accounts_2023.pdf)
  3. Secretary’s report (see Secretarys_AGM_Report_2024.pdf )
  4. Walk Secretary’s report (see Walk_Secretarys_AGM_report_2024.pdf)
  5. Capital Challenge report (see Capital_Challenge_2023_Report_for_AGM_2024.pdf
  6. Founders’ Challenge report (see Founders_Challenge_2023_Report_for_AGM_2024.pdf)
  7. Webmaster’s Report (see Webmasters_AGM_Report_2024.pdf)
  8. Committee appointments:
Post Nomination Proposer Seconder
Chair Gavin Fuller Jim Robinson Deborah Evans
Treasurer Jim Robinson Marie Heracleous Minna Graeber
Secretary Lonica Vanclay & Gordon Parker Minna Graeber Gavin Fuller
Walks Secretary Keith Mills Gavin Fuller Jim Robinson
Web-master Deborah Evans Minna Graeber Marie Heracleous
Newsletter editor      
Social Secretary      
Capital Challenge Organiser Marie Heracleous Jean O'Reilly Gavin Fuller
Founders' Challenge Organiser      
Liaison Officer with other like-minded organisations  Steve Radley Shahnaz Qizilbash Jean O'Reilly


  9.  Appointment of Ron Williamson as independent auditor of the Association's
   10. Motions submitted by members.
   11. AOB
         a) Speyside 100 2024. Norfolk and Suffolk 100 2025. Colin Saunders to
             speak regarding recruiting a support team from London Group for the
             2024 event.

        b) 30th anniversary of first walk in 1994


London LDWA -