24th Founders' Challenge Report

Report by the Organiser Chris Blackwell

Report of the 24th Founders Challenge: Anytime from 3rd July to 3rd October 2021

The event ran from the 3rd July to 3 October 2021 as a anytime event. 11 people completed the 30 mile route and 4 completed the 19 mile route, a total of 15. A further 17 signed up but didn’t record a time on the site. Most entries were from London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex and surrounding groups, with one person travelling from Merseyside.

Looking back now, the anytime event was unconventional, but served the situation and given the current reduction in uptake in challenge events, that decision gave us a positive outcome. 9 joint Town and Country certificates were issued and from what I saw, it helped attract people to the Founders’ challenge.


Founders' Challenge 2021 THE PHOTOGRAPHS

A selection of photographs taken by Gavin Fuller when he undertook the challenge