LDWA London Expenses Policy and Claims Form

LDWA London Expenses Policy and Claim Form

Agreed at AGM, 9 March 2017

LDWA, LONDON GROUP  –  Expenses Policy 

(See bottom of this page for download-able expenses claim form)

It is the policy of this Group that – 

  1. For Social Walks – leaders and participants should pay their own costs; 
  2. For Challenge Events – marshals and participants should pay their own costs, except
    - food and drink costs provided for consumption at checkpoints;
    - costs of providing equipment; and,
    - access charges and hall hire charges 
    will be reimbursed on production of receipts. 
    Furthermore, reasonable travel costs limited to a maximum of £40 incurred by Marshals and helpers (not participants) will be reimbursed at the 45p per mile National LDWA rate or at the actual cost of public transport on production of receipts. 
  3. If attending either the National AGM or the Local Group Representatives annual meeting as a Committee delegate, an attendee should claim from the event organisers.  If the organisers do not meet the cost, reasonable costs may be paid from Group funds.  
  4. When Group Members organise “away” social events, costs should be recovered by the event organiser from those taking part in such events; it is up to the event organiser to determine what costs to recover. 
  5. Equipment costs, Room hire costs, First Aid course costs, an annual YHA Group membership subscription, donations and memorial costs, prizes, providing copies of papers for the AGM, and “thank you” event costs are examples of costs which have previously been paid for. 
  6. Any other questions of costs should be brought to the attention of all Committee Members for approval before the costs are incurred.
  7. Apart from costs repaid under 2, 3, and 4 above, Committee Members are neither reimbursed nor remunerated. 

Approved by and with effect from the AGM held on 9 March 2017.  


To download an expenses claim form, click the link below: