24th Founders' Challenge, Saturday 3rd October 2020

The 24th Founders’ Challenge walk

Saturday 3rd October 2020


To the walkers and helpers of the Founders Challenger, with regret and sadness, as organiser of the event, this years event has now be cancelled, due to the ever-changing and unpredictable conditions we find ourselves in. This is my first year organising this event, and needing to plan with firmness and predictability, but planning from a desk predicting any issues and going out and walking the route and actually seeing these issues first hand in person is totally different, and brings home the real facts and the mountains still needing to be climbed to make it work, along with the present uncertainties and the fact there is no sign currently that LDWA Challenges are going to re-introduced any time soon. That’s the background of my situation, in which I need to make my decision. I hope to being the event back in 2021 in more stable conditions than this year; the situation will be reviewed early next year after we see what autumn and winter bring us.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me, and offered their services or support, it was very appreciated in a difficult year. THANK YOU

Chris Blackwell