Past copies - Strider

Past copies - Strider
Past copies - Strider

Note forwarded from Tim Glenn, (NEC - Events and Merchandise)



I have a simple request, which will either be a straight forward yes or no, although if the latter there is no need to get in touch.


On Wednesday 17th June the area of my garage where I store copies of back-Striders was flooded during a freak storm and because of what turned out to be a faulty drainage installation. All is well again now, but saturated Striders, unfortunately, do not recover their good looks and easily-flicked page control. We have lost numbers 137 to 145, which is 2017-2019 inclusive. I had 15 copies of each. I have been promised 9 copies of Strider 139 from fellow NEC member, Julian White, and therefore need quantities of the others. At this stage, I would be happy with five or six of each number, with anything more a bonus; single copies gratefully accepted. If you happen to have any of those numbers laying around from the likes of publicity promotion at challenge events or in general and can spare them, they would be greatly appreciated. No worries if you can't, but worth asking, I thought. Thanks very much indeed.



Very Best Wishes



Tim Glenn

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