Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

If you want to find out more about the secret life of our capital city, it's hard to beat one of Ron's Tarmac Walkers Club expeditions. Last week's started at Fenchurch Street station and took us on a winding journey south of the river, featuring on the way delights such as the Lunatik Chair at Guys Hospital, the site of Marshalsea Prison where the father of Charles Dickens was imprisoned in 1824  and, at Waterloo, the remnants of the Necropolis Railway, where in bygone times the overspill of the city's bodies were transported to the cemetery in Brookwood. This was one of the highlights for me as some years back I'd picked up a novel of the same name by Andrew Martin (part of a series, by the way and highly recommended). Another high point was Bonnington Square, where Danny led us on a walk within a walk and recounted its fascinating history. Definitely worth a repeat performance.



necropolis railway ron

A suitably sombre-looking Westminster Bridge House, once the gateway to the Necropolis Railway 






Dear All,


We're looking for help to fill a new volunteer role, a social media content officer.

The LDWA has seen a sharp increase in the number of members joining our Facebook group and we've seen more people joining us because they've seen mentions of what we do on various social media sites. This means that content is key for us - we think it's a great way to engage potential new members and interest existing members. We already have a social media admin team who help with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, but we'd like to go a bit further.

We have several Facebook groups and a new web-site is being planned which will have much more of a news theme. We want to find someone who can help produce interesting content for our social media channels, whether that's generating new text and imagery, or using articles and photos that are sent in from members. We'll like to see more interviews with members, links to interesting videos and blogs, as well as behind the scenes articles about the work of the LDWA.

New volunteer roles in the LDWA are being designed to minimise the hours that are needed, so they're more bite-sized and defined. This role is supported by the Communications and Publicity Officer, but would also work closely with the Strider Editor, as some content might be shared between the two. We have no plans to change Strider as it's a great printed magazine that is core to us and our members, but we also want a news section on our new web-site which complements Strider. When that launches, hopefully next year, we'd like the volunteer to help produce and manage content for that as well.

If anyone is interested, please do message me at communications@ldwa.org.uk. If you're interested, but aren't sure in what way you can help, please message me anyway, just to give me a chance to discuss things a bit more.



The 100 in 2023 is the Elephant, Bear and Bull and we're offering a chance to experience that event over a period of one week. Offered by the history group, you can either walk the whole route, or just dip in and out for one day or a few days. The walks take place between the 24 and 31 July inclusive.

The history walks are:

(i) 24 July - Coventry to Hampton in Arden
(ii) 25 July - Hampton in Arden to Bournville
(iii) 26 July - Bournville to Barnt Green
(iv) 27 July - Barnt Green to Henley in Arden
(v) 28 July - Henley in Arden to Stratford
(vi) 29 July - Stratford to Hatton
(vii) 30 July - Hatton to Leamington Spa
(viii) 31 July - Leamington Spa to Coventry

The walks are listed on the LDWA history group's Meetup page and you can RSVP there. The walks are all free, and there might be some little treats provided to those coming along (don't get too hopeful though, we're not that decadent). You can ask questions about the event on the Meetup pages.

Details of the individual walks are listed on the Meetup group (link below) and we're keen to get people signing up to the whole lot, so do feel free to do that. There will also be social events taking place on some evenings (these are optional!) for those who want to meet new people and gossip about craft beer, history and how hilly Norfolk can be (seems to be a regular topic).

All LDWA members are welcome and you can sign up below (but get your membership number ready).


Julian White

Communications and Publicity Officer




Who's up for doing London's shiny new Anytime, the 2021 Capital Challenge? Here's one Pete made earlier - the Stansted Stagger. As an event, that's always been a favourite of mine, though in order to experience it in its full glory it really ought to be walked in the depths of winter when the mud of Essex is at its finest.  


pete stansted stagger anytime

A mud-free Stagger - happy days!



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