Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

To begin with, a reminder. You might have come across the announcement that the Ramblers are now proposing to allow up to 30 people on their walks.  Given that the government is already backtracking on its plans for a further easing of lockdown, this idea seems likely to have the lifespan of a gnat, and London Group is still sticking largely with the arrangements made at the start of resumption of social walks. These are that we are restricting ourselves to six participants maximum, socially distanced, and if you want to attend you must register in advance with the leader as per the last few weeks. There's one small but welcome change, though. As rules around using public transport have been relaxed we are happy to have start and end points at stations and we will let people know going forward if a walk isn’t going to be circular.





Virtual 100 mile challenge for August


Local Groups Secretary Julie Cribb has just sent out the details for this month's 100-mile challenge. The brainchild of NEC Membership Secretary Julia Warman, it's based on recording the mileage achieved during on hour of your daily exercise, a spreadsheet for which can be accessed via the main LDWA website. The rules are simple - to log your mileage you must be an LDWA member, and add your name and local group. To zizz up the challenge, there are three 'medal' opportunities at approximately 15  (bronze), 47 (silver) and 100 (gold) .

Some London Group members (no names, no pack drill) will no doubt qualify for gold by halfway through the month, but there will be others who are only just making a return to walking after shielding, and they might find this new challenge a great encouragement. There's already a Facebook group - you can access it from the main LDWA Facebook - where people are already posting photos and supporting each other. Be reassured, though, if you're social media-adverse - you don't have to get involved in that part of the challenge.  

Follow this link to the spreadsheet Virtual 100 mile Challenge





'Nice china teapots and home-made cakes - so civilised,' commented Susanne Waldschmidt of the photo in last week's Jabber, which featured some London Group members enjoying tea in the environs of the Hardy monument on the Saturday of the Dorset 100. Here's a couple more taken on the same occasion. Top is aforesaid monument, and below is the caravan from which the goodies were sold. Some may recognise the back view of the gentleman second in the queue.


Hardy monument in dorset




cake caravan in dorset



And finally...


A superb addition to anyone's collection of daft signage. My caption contribution: Go home, road, you're drunk.


wonky road sign just hill




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